Names starting with the letter C

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter C, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a C. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Cadye pure
mars Cadyn Cadan's male child
venus Cadyna A girl with good rhytm
venus Cadynn A rhytmic girl
mars Caecca A british male name
mars Caeden A modern made up name
mars Caedmon Wise warrior
mars Caedwalla A name of the King Arthur's nephew
mars Caedyn A round man
mars Caefca A Boy name of English origin
mars Caega A Sanish male name
mars Caege A male name of Spanish origin
mars Caegel An independent, self assured and confident individual
mars Caegi An English name for Boys
mars Caegin An English Boy name
mars Caegla An old English name
mars Cael Slender
venus Caela slim and fair
mars Caelab Faithful
venus Caelainn slender and white, fair or pure
venus-mars Caelan Slender
mars Caelci A powerful soldier
mars Caelen Victorious
venus Caeley Slender
venus Caeli She who is crowned with the laurel crown
venus Caelia Heavenly
mars Caelian A man from heaven
mars Caelic Heavenly man
venus Caelin Girl
mars Caelius A person from heaven
mars Caellum The sky and the heavens
mars Caelum He is from the skies
venus Caelyn Meadow, waterfall pool
venus Caelynn Form of CAELYN - Meadow, waterfall pool
venus Caelynne Form of CAELYN - Meadow, waterfall pool
mars Caeman Crocodile
venus Caemlyn A woman from the skies
mars Caemon Crocodile
venus Caera beloved; friend
mars Caerdin One who is a wood carder
mars Caersewiella One who lives at the watercress spring
venus-mars Caerwyn White Fortress
mars Caesar Thick Head Of Hair
venus Caesare A hairy man
venus Caesarea Leader
venus Caesaria She who is an empress
mars Caeser King
mars Caetano From Gaeta
venus Caetlin pure
venus Caetlyn A woman who is pure
venus Caetti Short for caitlyn, means a pure one
mars Cafa British male name
mars Cafall Name of Arthur's dog
mars Caflisch Shortened form of Kalbfleisch, literally meaning calf meat. It may mean an immature person.
venus Cafna A rhythmic person
mars Cafnoth An Anglo-Saxon male name
mars Cagatay Unknown
venus-mars Cage Confining Structure With Bars
venus-mars Cagney Descendant Of The Advocate
mars Caha One with charms, a desired man
mars Cahal Slender
mars Cahan Battle, Fighter
venus Cahaya Light or radiance.
mars Cahil A young and naive man
mars Cahill A son of the battle ruler
venus Cahlie beautiful, lovely
venus-mars Cahya The Light
mars Cahyono Light
venus-mars Cai Rejoice
venus Caia To Rejoice
mars Caid Round
mars Caiden Battle
venus Caidence A cadence, rhythm
venus Caidie pure
mars Caidya An intelligent administrator
venus Caieta Latin name meaning the nursed Aeneas
mars Caifas A man of little energy.
mars Caige A wise and wealthi woman
venus Caihla slim and fair
venus Caihong A rainbow in the sky
venus Caila slim and fair
mars Cailae A strongfold, a fort
mars Cailan Child
mars Cailean Whelp
venus Cailee A slender woman
venus Caileen girl
venus Caileigh slim and fair
mars Cailen pure
venus Cailene pure
venus Cailey slim and fair; darling, beloved
venus Cailida Adoring
venus Cailie slim and fair; darling, beloved
venus Cailin Of Celtic origin meaning 'slender lady' it is predominantly used in English.
venus Cailla A ceremonial and young attendant
mars Caillen A potent and powerful person
venus Cailley A slender lady
venus Caillin A girl, a female
mars Caillou A bald headed man
venus Caily A beautiful and gorgeous woman
venus Cailyn Pure
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