Names starting with the letter B

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter B, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a B. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Ba A Lord or a father figure
mars Ba'al Zevuv Possessor of the high place
mars Baabar One who has the power of a Lion
mars Baadal A cloud which bears water and bring rain
mars Baadi A dirct, plain and everlasting being
mars Baadshah They have a vision or foresight; King
mars Baadur Georgian form of Bahadur, meaning hero, warrior or brave
venus Baageshree Raga
mars Baahi One who is glorious and magnificent
mars Baahir A brilliant and dazzling personality
mars Baakir The eldest child born in the family
venus-mars Baako Baby first born
mars Baala Child; Young Girl; Young Offspring; Junior; Infant; Baby; Youthful
venus Baalaa Small girl
mars Baalaaditya Risen Sun;
mars Baalaaji One of the many names of Lord Vishnu; Another name of Lord Venkateswara
mars Baalaark The Rising Sun; Red Radiant Sun of Dawn
mars Baalagopaal Baby Krishna; One of many names of Lord Krishna to refer to his young form
mars Baalan Little Boy; Young Boy; Infant Boy; Youthful Boy; Junior
mars Baalaraju Youthful Strongness; Powerful and Mighty Boy
mars Baalayya A famous comedy King; determined and lovely
mars Baaligh Eloquent and happy natured
venus Baalika Small girl
mars Baalkrishan Baby Krishna; One of many names of Lord Krishna to refer to his young form
mars Baan God's Hymns; God's Bajan's
mars Baanan One who is Bright and Radiant; Smart and Knowledgeable
mars Baanbhatt Name of an Ancient Poet; Smart and Knowledgeable; Bright and Radiant
venus Baani Another name of Goddess Saraswati
mars Baanke One of many names of Lord Krishna refering to his Bright and Radiant nature
mars Baanke Bihaari Another name of Lord Krishna
venus Baano A very beautiful princess
mars Baaodhav Humanitarian; One who has great respect for human values
mars Baapiraaju Status Oriented; Well off and powerful
mars Baaqir One with the deepest knowledge
mars Baar A honest Saint
venus Baara Flame
mars Baare One who has a deep mind
mars Baari A faithful servant of the creator
mars Baariq An illuminating and bright light
venus Baarizah A prominent personality.
mars Baashir One known for his bravery and loyalty.
mars Baasim One who has a very pretty smile
venus Baasima Smiling
mars Baasir The faithful servant of the all-seeing
mars Baasit The servant of the creator
mars Baasu Rich; Wealthy; Well-off; Prosperous
mars Baaz Falcon
mars Bab foreign woman
venus Baba Born On Thursday
mars Baback Little Father
mars Babaghal Parrot
mars Babajide Father is coming home
mars Babak Small father
mars Babala Above; Elder; Older; One who is bigger
mars Baban Winner; Victorious; Successful
mars Babar The Lion which is the king of jungle
venus Babara foreign woman
mars Babasolaf Father's wealth has arrived.
mars Babat Lucky; Fortunate; Blessed; Privileged;
mars Babatunde Return of the father
mars Babatunji The father returns again.
venus Babb Foreign, Mysterious
mars Babba A brother; who always protects
mars Babbagha Parrot; A variant of name Babghal
venus Babbe Expressive and experienced human person
venus Babbett foreign woman
venus Babbette Foreign, Mysterious
venus Babbie foreign woman
mars Babbu A diligent and preserving servant
mars Babe foreign
mars Babeesh One who has a desire to do things
mars Babel A confused person; perfect mixture
mars Baber One who has a feeling of self assurance; Lion
venus Babeth God who provides satisfaction
venus Babett foreign woman
venus Babetta Foreign woman.
venus Babette My God Is My Oath
mars Babgha A spontaneous and happy to go lucky person
mars Babhru Man with Fierce and Brown hair; One of many names of Lord Krishna; Son of Dhurva
mars Babhruvahana Name of a character of Mahabharata
mars Babi One who has an analytical and clever mind
venus Babichan A friendly and praactical person
mars Babiji Good Person; Kind and Caring
mars Babil One who is renowned for magic and mind
mars Babila Little Girl; Young Girl; Sweet Girl
venus Babita Little girl
mars Babiya Little Girl; Young Girl; Sweet Girl
mars Babiyah One who is a diligent and hard worker
mars Babo Cute; Pleasing
mars Baboor Afghan - Happiness; Turkish - Lion; A variant of name Babor and Babur
mars Babr A miraculous being; Lion who is the king of the jungle
mars Babrak Babrak is the Pashto word of the little basilica flower
venus Babs foreign woman
mars Babu Grandfather
mars Babul A pleasanr and one with an easy going personality
mars Babulal Beautiful; Good Looking; Pleasing; Charming Gentleman
mars Babunaj A wild Ivy; expressive person
mars Babur One who has the power of a Tiger
mars Baburam Leader of a Rebellion; Head of an uprising; Refering to Lord Ram as the Leader
venus-mars Baby Infant
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