Names starting with the letter Q

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter Q, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a Q. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Qaabil An accepter, an approver of something
mars Qaabiz A variant spelling of Qabiz meaning one of the ninety
mars Qaadhee A magistrate of justice
mars Qaadir Capable
mars Qaahir One who conquers and wins lands and men
mars Qaaid One who is destined to be the leader of men
venus Qaailah Sahabiyyah
mars Qaaim A steadfast, stansing person
mars Qaani One who is content with himself
venus Qaaniah Satisfied
mars Qaanit Obedient
mars Qaasim Divider
mars Qaasit Person who is just, fair
mars Qaazi Justice
venus Qabalah Responsibility
mars Qabas Flicker
mars Qabbab A person who is like a strong Deer
mars Qabeel Sayyidina Aadam
mars Qabid The Constrictor, Allah
venus Qabihah A woman who is a delight for eyes
mars Qabil Able
venus Qabila A woman who is smart and able
mars Qabir A grand, great man
mars Qabisah The all-mighty power of Allah
venus Qabita Name of an ancient Egyptian woman.
mars Qabiz God
venus Qabool Accepted
mars Qabous Pretty bird
mars Qabsat A desirable and understanding person; helpful
mars Qabul One who accepts and approves things
venus Qacha Flank
venus-mars Qadan Cliff
mars Qadar A destination to be reached, one with a divine destiny
mars Qadarat Nature;
mars Qaddam Leader, Prince
mars Qaddoor A powerful person who is able to do anything
mars Qaddur Satisfied
mars Qadeem An ancient, time-honored or long-possessed
mars Qadeer Able
mars Qadhi One who is the judge of justice
mars Qadi Judge
mars Qadim Ancient
mars Qadir Powerful
venus Qadira Able
venus Qadr Power, Fate
venus Qadriya Fate
venus Qadriyah A woman that is extremly capable and has great power
venus Qadriyyah A woman of great strenght and power
mars Qahhar The Subduer, Allah
mars Qahir Courageous
venus Qahira Victorious
mars Qahtan Tribe
mars Qaid A commander of men
venus Qaifa The one who estimates things
venus Qailah Sahabiyyah
mars Qaim Rising
venus Qaima A woman who is a bestower
mars Qaimaq Cream; A variant of name Qaima which means Bestower
mars Qais Muslim boys name which means lover
mars Qaisar King, Emperor
mars Qaiser King
mars Qajeer Gul Qajeer means presentable or something that has least degree of negative criticism, Gul means flower, Qajeer Gul is a term of endearment used by mothers to express love for their children
mars Qalam Pen; A type of pen made from a dried reed, used for Islamic calligraphy
mars Qalandar A man who is free
mars Qalander A person who prefers to live in a solitude
venus-mars Qamar Moon
venus Qamara Moon
venus Qamarjahan Muslim name meaning the Moon of the world
mars Qamaruddin A person who is a brilliant leader of the Muslims, Moon of the faith
venus Qamarunnisa Arabic name meaning Moon of the Women
venus Qamayr A narrator of Hadith
venus Qameer Wife of Masrooq Bin Al-ajda Daughter of Amr Al-kufiyah; She was a Narrator of Hadith who Quoted Sayyidina Ayshah
mars Qammar Moon, lunar, or lunar month.
venus Qamra Moon
venus Qanaat One who has patiance
mars Qanaya A blacksmith
mars Qandil Skylight
mars Qanee One who is satisfied with his life
mars Qani Content
mars Qanit Obedient
venus Qantara A small bridge
venus Qanturah Ibrahim
venus Qaraah Cloud
mars Qaraar Muslim name meaning firm, firmness
mars Qaraja Power of Allah
mars Qarar Muslim male name, means rest, resting
venus Qarasafahl Narrator
mars Qaree One who reads or recites
mars Qareeb Near
venus Qareebah Near
mars Qari The reader, reciter
mars Qarib Arabic name for Boys, means close, near
venus Qaribah Name of a woman scholar, Umm al-Buhlul, of Banu Asad.
mars Qarin Irritable, Impatient, Narrator of Hadith
venus Qarsafah Name of a narrator of Hadith, known as Qarsafah al-Zahliyah.
mars Qarun Soul; Self; Name of a man in Quran who is exultant in his richness
mars Qasean Forgiving
mars Qased Purposeful
mars Qaseem Share
venus Qaseema A beautiful woman
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