Names starting with the letter P

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter P, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a P. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Pa A fragrant and beautiful flower
mars Paal A great keeper or a protector
venus Paalak An eye lid; enthusiastic and cheerful
mars Paamannan King of Poetry; One who is talented with words;
venus Paame The palm tree
mars Paandu A pale yet intelligent individual
mars Paandurang Name of Lord vishnu; a deity
mars Paaninee A scholar; an easy going individual
mars Paanini Name of a great scholar; grammarian
mars Paaras Name of a stone whic turns metal to gold
mars Paarbrahm One who is born with supreme spirit
mars Paarth One of many names of Arjuna given by Lord Krishna signifying his skills in archery; One who never misses his target
mars Paartha Name of Son of Pritha; Pandavas
mars Paarthav One who is born with stable, expressive and cool nature; Earth
mars Paarthiban A name of King Arjunan; brave and powerful
mars Paarthiv Name of the Prince of Earth; brave
mars Paarush A person who is born with a quick and active mind
mars Paarvendan Leader; Ruler of the World; King of the world; Emperor of the world
venus PAateris A fragrant and beautiful flower
mars Paavak One who is pure, brilliant and majestic like fire
mars Paavaka One who can judge; has the power to purify
mars Paavan Pure; Sacred; Holy; Divine; Innocent
mars Paavana Purity; Holy; Divine; Innocent; Sacred
mars Paavendan One who is called the King of poetry
mars Paavo Tiny, petite
mars Paawan One who is clever and clean sighted; wind
mars Paawanjeet Victory of the Pure; Victory of Innocence; Sacred or Divine Victory
venus Pabani An idealistic, creative and imaginative person
mars Pabel Small, humble
mars Pabitra One who is born pure and sane
venus Pabitrata One who is filled with purity and serenity
venus Pabla Small
mars Pablo Small
mars Pabo Small, humble
mars Pabok One who is born out of fire
venus Paca One who is a Frenchwoman; a free person
mars Pacari Cave Of Refuge
mars Pacay Guava Fruit
venus Pacca Another name of a pussycat; lovely person
venus Pacchild A practical, logical and dignified person
mars Pace Speed; peace
mars Pacen Son of Peace; A variant form of name Payson
mars Pacey From Pacy In France
mars Pachacutec One Who Changes The World
mars Pachai A youthful person who is joyous in nature
venus Pachaiappan One who accepts challenge and is talented
mars Pachaimani A resourceful person; very noble at heart
mars Pachaimuthu A young and resourceful person
mars Pachak Another name of digestive powder
venus Pacheco Noble One, Or From France
mars Pachim One who is fat
mars Pachima One who belongs to the west town
mars Pachua Feathered water snake
venus Paciencia enduring, forebearing
venus Pacific Tranquil; Peaceful
venus Pacifica peaceful
mars Pacifico Peaceful and serene
mars Packard One Who Packs
mars Packer One who does packing
mars Packston Clark's town
mars Paco Free
mars Pacorro Free Man
venus Pacquita A free person who has a over sensitive nature
venus Padabali Wreath of stanzas
mars Padak Medal
mars Padam Lotus; The beautiful flower marked on the right foot of Lord Krishna
mars Padamabhu One who came out of Lotus
mars Padamadev One who is Lord of Lotus; Lord Vishnu
mars Padamjit Victory of the Lotus; Victory of Lord Krishna;
mars Padamjot Light of the Lotus; Brilliance and Radiance of Lord Krishna
mars Padampal Protector of the Lotus; One of the many names of Lord Krishna
mars Padampreet Love for the Lotus; One who loves and adores Lord Krishna
mars Padamprem Love for the Lotus; One who loves and adores Lord Krishna
mars Padarn Latin - Fatherly; The name of a notable Welsh saint, A contemporary
mars Padda A decent, attractive and decisive person
mars Paddington The Estate Of Padda
mars Paddy Noble
mars Paden Noble
venus Padget Assistant
venus Padgett Attendant
mars Padhraic Another name of Saint Patrick
venus Padidah A magical ane rare phenomenon
venus Padilla Small Sauce Pan
venus Padimni Like a flower; Lotus; One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi; A variant of Padmini
mars Padiril A man who is without any vices
mars Padm A Lotus flower; filled with purity
venus Padma Lotus
venus Padma rag A beautiful and precious gem called Ruby
mars Padmaakar Name of Sun God; one who has creative ability
venus Padmaakshi Lotus
venus Padmaananaa Lotus
venus Padmaasana Goddess Laxmi
mars Padmabandhu Friend of Lotus (bee, sun); Companions of Lord Krishna; Disciples or Followers;
mars Padmacharan Goddess Lakshmi
mars Padmadev Hero
mars Padmadhar One who holds a lotus
venus Padmagandhini Fragrant
venus Padmagriha One who resides in a Lotus; One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi
mars Padmahasta Lotus handed, Lord Krishna
mars Padmaj Born from lotus
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