Names starting with the letter P

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter P, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a P. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Padmakanta Lotus, beautiful
mars Padmakar Lake with lotuses
mars Padmakeswar A tiny filament of Lotus
mars Padmakh Lord Vishnu
mars Padmaksh Lord Vishnu
venus Padmakshi One who has beautiful eyes like Lotus
mars Padmakumar Son of the Goddess Laxmi
venus Padmal Flower of Goddess Laxmi; the Lotus flower
venus Padmalata Lotus
venus Padmalay The vast lake of Lotuses
venus Padmalaya House of Lotus; One who was born from lotus; One who resides in a Lotus; One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi
mars Padmalochan One who has beautiful eyes like a lotus;
venus Padmalochana Lotus
venus Padmalochona One who has eyes like Lotus
venus Padmamadhu One who has feet like Lotus
venus Padmamala Lotus
venus Padmamalini A name for Goddess Laxmi
mars Padmanaban One who is Lotus navelled and pure
mars Padmanabh Lord Vishnu
mars Padmanabha One of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying his form with lotus in navel
mars Padmanabhan One of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying his form with lotus in navel
mars Padmanan God Vishnu who has Lotus navel
mars Padmanath Padmanath is derived from the name Padmaprabhu.
venus Padmanayan Self assertive and had a lotus shaped eyes
venus Padmanayana One who is born with Lotus shaped eyes
venus Padmanetra Eyes like Lotus; one who is pretty
venus Padmanjali Lotus
mars Padmapada A Lotus footed person; considered fortunate
mars Padmapalas A petal of Lotus
venus Padmapani Goddess Laxmi
mars Padmapati A name of Lord Vishnu; lotus petal
venus Padmapatraa Goddess Laxmi
mars Padmaprabhu Padmaprabhu is the name of the 6th Tirthankara of Jainism.
venus Padmaprasanna Lotuses
venus Padmapriya Lover of lotus
venus Padmaraaga Ruby
venus Padmaraj Name of Lord Venketeshwara's wife
venus Padmarekha Auspicious
venus Padmaroopa Lotus
mars Padmasekar One with Lotus in his navel; One of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying his form with lotus in navel
venus Padmashri Divine Lotus; One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi
venus Padmavasa One who resides under the Lotus flower
venus Padmavati Name of a river
mars Padmayani One of many names of Lord Brahama signifying his form holding Lotus
mars Padmayoni Name of Lord Brahma; born of lotus
venus Padme lotus
mars Padmesh Lotus
venus Padmin Elephant
venus Padmini Lotus, beautiful
mars Padminiballav One who is born with the light within
venus Padminika Lotus
mars Padminikanta Another name given to the Sun
mars Padminish Lord of Lotuses; Sun;
mars Padmottar Beyong comparison; best of Lotus
venus Padnuni Lotus; One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi
mars Padraic Nobleman
mars Padraig A variation of the Irish, English, German and French name Patrick, meaning 'nobleman'.
mars Padriac A noble and high born person; regal
mars Padrig Patrician
mars Paduranga One with a pale white complexion
mars Padyanava A name for Vishnu; diligent person
mars Paecc A confident and a born leader
mars Paecca One who is like a little rock
mars Paeccel An idealistic and independent individual
mars Paecga One who is born with great abilities
mars Paegastun One who belongs fighter's farm
mars Paegna A sensitive and refined individual; bridge
mars Paella An individual who is strong like a mantle
mars Paelli A self assured and confident individual
mars Paen A person born with expressive and patient nature
venus Paetta Bread; one who is the provider; to nourish
mars Paettel One who is born to endure
mars Paetti A strong and extremely generos person
venus Paetyn Royal; Little Patrician; Little Noble
mars Paga One whose eye is fixed on the land
mars Pagalavan One who has the power of the sun and is diurnal
venus-mars Pagan Pagan
mars Pagat A person who is pure and filled with sanity
mars Pagavalan One who shines like the radiant Sun
mars Pagavan A person who is like Lord Buddha
venus Page young servant
venus Pageant Elaborate display
venus Paget Little assistant
venus-mars Pagett young servant
mars Pagga A versatile and proud, attractive being
mars Paghunan Good Character; One who is blessed with good characteristics; Well behaved
mars Pagiel God allows
mars Pagudhanan A wealthy and lovely individual
mars Pagumanian One who will be praised by many;
venus Pahal A beautiful and wonderful begining; the start
venus-mars Pahana Lost White Brother
venus Pahar One who is the ancient unit of time in India; guard
mars Pahara Mountain; Guard; Command; Watch
venus Paharita Little bird
mars Pahkakino Good Man
venus Pahmagandhi One who smells like Lotus flower
venus-mars Pahukumaa Edge Of A Sunflower
venus Pahul Initiatory Rite of Sikhism; Baptism ceremony; Something that brightens, accelerates or sharpens
venus Pahwa One who can understand society and life
venus Paige young servant
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