Names starting with the letter O

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter O, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a O. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Oadira The female variant of Mohan that means charming or infatuating.
venus Oafe Your descent matters
mars Oaghavanth King; Ruler; Emperor; Leader; Chief
venus Oaisara An Arabic word that means the sword from India.
mars Oak A Sanskrit word that means adorable, charming, beautiful.
mars Oakden It is referring to the Hindu deity Lord ram as the infatuated person.
venus-mars Oakes Dweller By The Oak Tree
mars Oakland An enchanting brave person.
venus Oaklee The servant of Lord krishna (a Hindu deity)
venus Oakleigh South Indian variant of Mohandas that means servant of Lord Krishna.
venus-mars Oakley From The Oak Tree Field
venus Oakleyl One who cleans the oak meadows
mars Oakly Kind and compassionate, Lord Krishna
venus Oaklyn American invented name
venus Oaklynn American invented name
mars Oaks The charming Lord The god is fascinating
mars Oalo Small
venus Oamra Fascinating win or a fascinating winner.
venus Oana A very fascinating light, a light full of charm.
venus Oanez Chaste
mars Oasis One who merged into Lord Krishna. One who sacrificed himself to Krishna.
mars Oates Combination of words "Mohan" and "Meet" that combinely means the charming love or charming friend.
venus Oayth The protector or the guardian or the charming.
mars Oba King
mars Obadiah Servant Of Yahweh
mars Obafemi The King loves me.
venus Obaidiyah The charming and fascinating Lord Ram.
mars Obalesh Lord Shiva
mars Obaleshwar Lord Shiva
mars Obaloluwa God is the king.
venus-mars Obama Slightly Bent
mars Oban An Enchanting brave person who is infatuated for his bravery.
mars Obasi In God's honor
mars Obasolape Yoruba term meaning God has made his wealth complete.
mars Obatotosinloluwa God is indeed worthy of praise.
mars Obba King
venus Obdulia It means a Pearl like beauty.
mars Obed The people from the flint places. One of American Tribes.
venus Obedience The Act Of Obeying
venus Obelia pillar of strength
mars Oberon Noble Bear
mars Oberron A beautiful or attractive girl.
mars Obert Noble Bright
mars Obi One with the beautiful essence, who has the quality of charming aroma. Also, one who have the quality to charm others.
venus Obiageli One who is born into wealth.
mars Obiajulu My heart is at peace.
mars Obie An attractive person
mars Obiefune Nigerian word meaning do not lose hope.
mars Obimnaetochukwu My heart praises God
mars Obinna Combination of Sanskrit words "Moh" and "Under" that means the charm of a King.
venus Obioma Kind Hearted
mars Oblauðr One who lives his life without fear
mars Oboganriemu Be strong to survive
mars Obrecht Known for his inheritance
mars Oburu Ash
mars Obuya Born when the garden was overgrown.
venus Oca The splendour or the glory of the most charming King.
mars Occa A person who is categorized by his mother land
venus Occhar The care or affection of or for the charming king.
mars Occhav Sound; Voice
mars Occhave Festive Occasion
mars Ocean Sea
venus Oceana Ocean
venus Oceane Sea
venus Oceania ocean
venus Oceanna One who is infatuated or charmed over Lord Krishna.
venus Oceanne The female version of the Mohit that means infatuated person.
mars Oceanus Sea titan
mars Ocelfa An Arabic term to the one who revives the religion. The title of Sufi Saint Abdul Qadir Jilani.
mars Ocga A grateful, authentic and outspoken person
venus Och Sparkle
mars Ochaar Pronunciation; Sound; Voice
venus-mars Ocheckka Four Legs
venus Ochen one of the twins
mars Ochieng Born in the daytime.
mars Ochoa The Wolf
mars Ochola Father Died While Mother Was Pregnant
mars Ochs Combination of the Quranic names Mohammed "The Glorious" and Idrees "Trustworthy" or "Patient
mars Ochuko Hindu name of deity Lord Krishna.
venus Ocie Chaste or a virtuous girl.
mars Ociel Heaven, heavenly
mars Ocotlan Pine
venus Octa A person who does good deeds.
mars Octave Eight
mars Octavey Eight
venus Octavia Eighth
mars Octavian Eighth
venus Octaviana eighth
venus Octavianne eighth
mars Octaviano One who is born eighth to a family
venus Octavie eighth
mars Octavien Who is eighth child, Emperor Augustus
mars Octavio Eighth
mars Octavious Eighth
mars Octavius Eighth
mars Octavo Eight
venus Octiana eighth
venus-mars October Born In October
venus Octoviana eighth
mars Od Star
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