Names starting with the letter O

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter O, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a O. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Oda Great Field
mars Odafe Rich individual
mars Odahingum Ripple In The Water
mars Odaka Apple Flavour
mars Odakota Friend
mars Odale The Bitterness of sea, a rebellious one.
venus Odalis Wealth
venus Odaliz A rich person, wealthy and prosperous
mars Odall A Spanish Variant of Moses that means off the water or taken out of the water.
mars Odalric A Yiddish variant of Moses that means Delivered or derived out of water.
venus Odalys Invented Name
venus Odalyz A prosperous, wealthy and rich person
mars Odam An Arabic word that means one who gives respect or one who respects others.
mars Odan Old Norse - Fury; Inspiration; To blow; Owner; Proprietor; A variant is Odin
mars Odaniyan Sacred Light; Divine Light; Holy Brightness
mars Odard A wealthy guardian, a guardian who is rich
venus Odathi Refreshing
mars Odayle A Persian word that means "Eyelashes".
mars Odbart One who is wealthy and rich.
mars Odbehrt One who is always happy. Who make others happy.
mars Odd Persian variant of an Arabic that means one who is chosen.
venus Odda One who is complete in every aspect.
venus Oddlaug A Polynesian,Hawaiian derivative of Moses that means derived of water.
venus Oddny The "Chosen one" or "preferred one". Also the head of a village or society in Arabic.
venus Oddrun A spell variant of Mukhtar that means someone who is chosen or preferred upon.
venus Oddveig Moksha is a Sanskrit word that means salvation or to be relieved.
venus-mars Ode A Lyric Poem
mars Oded To Encourage
venus Odeda To Encourage
venus Odeelia praise God
venus Odela song
venus Odele Wealth
venus Odelet song
venus Odelette song
venus Odelia praise God
venus Odelina song
venus Odelinda praise God
venus Odeline song
venus-mars Odell From The Woad Hill
venus Odella Forest
mars Odelle song
venus Odellia praise God
venus Odelya I Will Thank God
mars Oden The dearest of human being.
mars Odendhi One of many names of Lord Shiva
venus Odera plough
mars Oderico Rich In Property
mars Odern A rich person who comes by the sea or Australia
venus Odessa Long Journey
venus Odeta Blue sea
venus Odetta Wealth
venus Odette Wealth
venus Odeya I Will Thank God
venus Odgerel Starlight
mars Odhavji One of many names of Lord Krishna
mars Odhran Odhran has an Irish meaning of 'pale green'. It was the name of a Saint.
mars Odi The fourth manifestation of Lord Vishnu.
mars Odie The superman among human being.
venus Odierna A fun loving, great an fantastic being
venus Odierne A clever and nurturing human being
mars Odikinyi One who was born in the early morning.
mars Odil The man who is always on the right path.
venus Odila fortunate or prosperous in battle
venus Odile Rich, Wealthy
venus Odilia Wealth
mars Odilie Rich, Wealthy
mars Odilio The grandson.
mars Odilo From the northern face
mars Odin Frenzy, Rage, Inspiration
venus Odina Divine Creative Inspiration
mars Odion first of twins
mars Odis Sleep or nap.
mars Odisej To hate or to be grieved.
venus Odissa angry man
venus Oditi Dawn
venus Odiya I will honour God
mars Odo Ric, Wealthy
mars Odoacer The goddess person.
mars Odolf Passionately dedicated.
mars Odolff Bold as a bear.
venus Odolia fortunate or prosperous in battle
venus Odolina Like the blossom of the pomegranate
mars Odom Pleased or satisfied.
mars Odon wealthy protector
mars Odongo Second of twins.
venus Odonna Combination Of Odette And Donna
venus Odoti Dawn
mars Odour Born after midnight.
mars Odran The person who is willing to use his properties jointly or in common, contribution, involvement
venus Odtsetseg Star flower
venus Odunayo Year of happiness.
venus Odval Mongolian word for chrysanthemum flower.
mars Odwolf The destiny, luck and a share of anything from the Almighty
mars Odwolfe A just or fair person, free from any favouritism, unbiased person
mars Odwulf A Just lady, equitable, free from prejudice or any kind of favouritism
venus Odyssa angry man
mars Odysseus Angry
venus Odyssey Widely known and esteemed
venus Odyssia angry man
mars Oeberon A manager, an organiser. one who manages other people.
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