Names starting with the letter G

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter G, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a G. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Ga One who tills and is a farmer
mars Gaaba Greenlandic variant form of Kaapa, meaning God is my strong man.
mars Gaabriel A form of Gabriel, meaning man of God.
mars Gaalava Kind of Ebony; The Lordhra tree (Lotus Bark Tree); Name of Rishi(Saint); A pupil of Vishvamitra;
mars Gaarwine A close mate with a spear.
venus Gaayana Music; Singing; One who has a sweet melodious voice and can sing well
mars Gab Man of God
venus Gabba The whirling water
mars Gabbara Great
venus Gabbe woman of God; my strength is God
venus Gabbi Woman of God
venus Gabbie woman of God; my strength is God
venus Gabbs A detail loving person who is conservative
venus Gabby Diminutive Form Of Gabrielle
mars Gabe Short Form Of Gabriel
mars Gabel Man of God
venus Gabela A confident and determined woman.
venus Gabhasti Beam
venus Gabi Diminutive Form Of Gabriela
mars Gabie A woman of God
venus Gabija Also known as Gabieta or Gabeta. Meaning the goddess of fire. Popular name for girls in Lithuania in 2005.
venus Gabina Honey or as sweet as honey. A girl with sweet disposition
mars Gabino Man originally coming from Gabium or Gabio.
mars Gabir comforter
mars Gable God Is Bright
mars Gabor Variation of Gabriel
venus Gabouray One Who Jokes, Teases
venus Gabourey The power from the god
mars Gabran One who stays close to God
mars Gabrial Man of God
mars Gabrian The man who always stay close to God.
venus Gabrianna God gives me strength.
venus Gabrie God Is My Strength
mars Gabriel God Is My Strength
venus Gabriela Feminine Form Of Gabriel
mars Gabriele From Hebrew origin meaning 'heroine of God' it is mainly used in German.
mars Gabrieli A form of Gabriele, meaning God is my hero
venus Gabriell woman of God; my strength is God
venus Gabriella Feminine Form Of Gabriel
venus Gabrielle God Is My Strength
venus Gabriellen woman of God; my strength is God
venus Gabriellia woman of God; my strength is God
mars Gabriello A champion of God.
mars Gabrijel Croatian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.
venus Gabrijela A variant of Gabrielle, meaning Woman of God.
venus Gabrila woman of God; my strength is God
mars Gabrio God is my strength and shield.
mars Gabroo Young Man; Proud; A variant spelling is Gabru
mars Gabryel woman of God; my strength is God
venus Gabryella woman of God; my strength is God
venus Gabryelle woman of God; my strength is God
mars Gabryjel God is my shelter.
mars Gabryle God Is My Strength
venus Gaby Diminutive Of The Name Gabrielle
venus Gabysia woman of God; my strength is God
mars Gacoki He returns.
mars Gad Happiness, Luck, Fortune
venus Gada Feminine Form Of Gad
mars Gadaa Weapon of Lord Hanuman; A lrlace; Club; Sword of state
mars Gadaadhar One who carries a Gadaa; One of many names of Lord Hanuman signifying his form carrying Gadaa;
mars Gadabhrt One who manipulates a club.
mars Gadadhar One of Lord Chaitanya's Associates; One who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weapon
mars Gadadhara One who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weapon
mars Gadambar One who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weapon
venus Gadar Peak, Summit
mars Gadd Refers to thorns or point.
mars Gadge God is my strength; God's Able Bodied One;
mars Gadhadhar Lord Vishnu
mars Gadhar One of many names of Lord Narayan; A Bengali name for Lord Narayana
mars Gadhi One who Seeks Knowledge; One who earns for Wisdom; Name of Father of Vishvamitra;
mars Gadhija Another Name for Sage Vishvamitra; One who is wise and knowledgeable
mars Gadi My wealth
mars Gadiel God is my fortune
mars Gadil God is my prosperity or mammon.
mars Gadin Lord Krishna
mars Gadiva Most powerful bow of Arjuna.
venus Gae blithe, cheerful
venus Gaea Earth
mars Gaeetan From Gaeta, someone belonging to Gaeta.
venus Gaega A topographic name; hill and stream
venus Gaegi A name for a woman scholarl a ruler
venus-mars Gael A Gaelic Person
venus Gaela The girls who made her father happy by her birth.
mars Gaelan A person who has firm mind
mars Gaelen The one who keeps his mind firm under difficult situation.
venus Gaelle Another name for Celtic people.
venus Gaelyn A Girl with a peaceful mind
mars Gaenbald A person who is a reserved and respected person
mars Gaenbeald One who is versatile and religious person
mars Gaenburh An alluring, noble and high spirited
venus Gaenna fair and smooth
venus Gaenor White Ghost, Phantom
mars Gaera A person who is respectable and noble
mars Gaerwn White Fort
mars Gaerwulf One who is easy going and helpful by nature
mars Gaetan From Gaeta
venus Gaetana From Gaeta, Italy
venus Gaetane From Gaeta, Italy
mars Gaetano From Gaeta, Italy
mars Gaete A refined and attractive individual; tactful
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