Names starting with the letter R

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter R, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a R. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Ra God of the sun
mars Ra'Ed A leader, pathfinder
mars Ra'Ees The best among a group of men
venus Ra'Eesah A wealty lady, princess
mars Ra'Id He who is a leader
venus Ra'idah She who leads
venus Ra'naa One to gaze at
venus Raabia The fourth one
mars Raad A scout, a pioneer
mars Raadh Concept; A variant form of Raadha which means success in Sanskrit
venus Raadhi Achievement or success.
mars Raafe A good companion
venus Raag One with a gift of music
venus Raaga She who is musical
venus Raagalatha Name of Rati
venus Raagavi One that sings with Raaga
mars Raaghib One who is willing, desirous
venus Raagini A music or a melody
venus Raahat To rest, repose
venus Raahi Traveller; Good Companion; Spring
mars Raahil One with high speed
mars Raahim One who is compassionate, kind and merciful.
mars Raahul A variant form of Rahul; One who is able and efficient; Name of son of Buddha
mars Raaid A guide, one who is guided
venus Raaida A woman leader
venus Raaina A beautiful princess of the night
mars Raaj Kingdom; A variant form of Raj which means King or Prince in Sanskrit; Also means Rule
mars Raajaa King; Prince; Ruler; Monarch
venus Raajee The shining one
mars Raajeev Blue lotus, One who rules all; Achiever; A varaint form of Rajeev or Rajiv which means striped in Sanskrit
mars Raajeevalochan One with blue lotus eyes
mars Raajih One who is superior
venus Raajivani Lotus plant
mars Raajyashree Propriety of a king; Modesty; Respectability; Politeness; Decorum of a king
venus Raaka Full moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Moon
venus Raakaa Night of a full moon
venus Raakel Sheep's friend
mars Raakesh Lord of the night; Lord of the full moon night; A variant of Rakesh which means Lord of Full Moon Day in Sanskrit
venus Raakhi Symbol Of Protection; Destroyer of Evil; Protector; Destroyer of Demons
mars Raakin Respectful
mars Raam Pleasing; Charming; All-embracing Absolute Brahman; A name to the ultimately formless (advita); An Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
mars Raamaanuj Younger brother of Rama; One of many names referring to Lakshmana
venus Raamaganga River
mars Raamdatt Gift of Rama; Blessing of Ram; Lord Rama or God, Supreme spirit; Charming
venus Raameen She who is obedient
mars Raamiz Symbol
mars Raana One to look or gaze at, an elegant person
mars Raanan Fresh, Green, Flourishing
venus Raanee A queen
mars Raani Hebrew name meaning a song
mars Raanish Name of Lord Shiva
mars Raaqeem One who writes or records
mars Raaqim A writer
mars Raashad A thinker or a counselor
venus Raashi Collection; Cluster of celestial star positions signifying good luck and fortune
mars Raashid One what is rightly guided
venus Raashida She who is wise and mature
mars Raasikh One who is stable, deeply rooted
mars Raateeb One who arranges
mars Raatib Arranger
venus Raavee Awesome; A variant of name Ravi which means Sun; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Sun
venus Raavi A variant spelling of name Ravi which means Sun; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant Sun
venus Raawiya Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry
venus Raaya A tought
mars Raaz Secret; Mystery; Puzzling;
mars Raazi One who is well pleased
mars Raaziq A provider or a God
mars Rab Brilliant fame
venus Rabab pale cloud
venus Rabah One who is at gain
venus Rabail A veil of flowers
venus Rabani Divine
mars Rabar One who is loving and caring towards all
mars Rabb A master or a lord
venus Rabbab A white cloud
mars Rabbi A gentle wind
mars Rabbie Brilliant fame
mars Rabbu The almighty
venus Rabea One who is like a spring
mars Rabee Spring
venus Rabeea Muslim name meaning garden
mars Rabees A powerful, dauntless person
mars Rabek God is One; There is only one God for everyone; Radiant; Sun
mars Raben The king of all
mars Rabhav Skilled; Glowing Rays of the Sun; Expert; Prudent
mars Rabhu Skillful; Prudent; Messenger; Incarnation of God; Used to refer Lord Rama or Lord Krishna
venus Rabhya Worshipped
mars Rabi Springtime
venus Rabi'ah One that is firmly set in place, constant
venus Rabia Spring, Springtime
venus Rabiah gentle wind
mars Rabie A spring breeze
mars Rabih One who makes a profit
venus Rabihaat Winners, acquirers
venus Rabihah Winner, achiever.
venus Rabil Bulgarian form of Rachel, meaning innocence of a lamb.
mars Rabinesh God's pet
venus Rabita A bond, a link
venus Rabiya One that is constant and stable
venus Rabiyah A rainy and fertile spring
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