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A (first) name is a proper name that is given to a child at birth and traditionally placed before the surname in Western Culture. This name (you may also have other middle names) distinguishes someone from others with the same surname within the family. However it is not unusual for children to be named after family members and the new child may therefore be given the title Junior or Jr. (Which often lapses later in life)

The rules for giving a first name vary widely by culture and subculture. This includes whether or not the child will be given a family name or whether they need to have a saint or faith name included. Research shows that the choice of first name can also be related to education and income levels.

Finally a first name can be rejected if is it considered to be inappropriate. Think abusive words, symbols, a name that consists of too many names, trademarks or is too long. Whilst the rules differ per country it is unusual to have a surname used as a first name in many countries unless it already exists as a first name.

The choice of first name often depends on the mother tongue, religion and gender of the child. There are however, a number of other influential factors such as traditions, (be they family, national or regional.) A name can be given because the parents believe it has the most appropriate ‘meaning’, or suits the appearance or describes the characteristics of the child. It may also suit the wishes or expectations of their parents for them. It may even be part of a political or ideological program.

This website came to life because I wanted to know the meaning of my name. I found this fairly quickly but other websites had other meanings and so quickly I was lost. I thought there must be a better way!

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In many Asian and African Cultures it is the family name that is used first and then the ‘first’ (individual) name, so in this case the term ‘first name’ does not really fit with these naming systems.
There are also cultures in which the name has a different function. In Indonesia, for example, the last name is not necessarily a family surname: A child can be given the surname other than that of its parent.