Names starting with the letter F

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter F, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a F. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Fa To send, pass
mars Faa A surprassing, excellent person
mars Faadhil A generous, praiseworthy man
venus Faaghira She who is like a Jasmine flower
mars Faaiq A person who surpasses other peopel
mars Faaiz A victorious, triumphiant man
mars Faakhir Proud
venus Faakhira An excellent woman
venus Faakhiree A woman who will surpass others
mars Faalgun A name of the month in Hindu calendar
venus Faalgunee The day of full moon.
mars Faarees One who is a Knight, a good horsemn
mars Faareh A man with a happy personality
venus Faaria A woman who is tall and slim
mars Faarih A person who is full of joy
venus Faariha A joyful and cheerful girl
mars Faaris A cavalier who is a great horsman
mars Faarooq A man who knows the difference between right a wrong
mars Faas Your fate is good
mars Faateer A person who makes thinks, creator
mars Faateh A man who is born to conqueror things
mars Faatih Prophet Muhammad
venus Faatima A captivating woman who is abstinating
venus Faatin Captivating
venus Faatina She cativates the eye
venus Faatinah A woman who is facsinating people
mars Faatir A maker. A person who creates things in life
mars Faaz A person who is a sucessful victor in life
venus Faber An occupational name, for a person who is a smith
venus Fabia Variation with the name Fabius, Fabiola. Meaning 'a bean'.
mars Fabian Bean Grower
venus Fabiana Feminine Form Of Fabian
venus Fabiane bean
venus Fabianna bean
venus Fabianne bean
mars Fabiano Bean Grower
mars Fabien Bean
venus Fabienne Bean Grower
mars Fabieno Bean
mars Fabijan Slovene form of Fabianus, meaning bean.
mars Fabio Bean Grower
venus Fabiola Bean Grower
venus Fabiole Bean
mars Fabion A bean growing Boy
mars Fabius Bean
venus Fable Story
venus Fabra bean
mars Fabre Blacksmith
venus Fabriana A woman who is crafty
mars Fabrice Smith
venus Fabricia works with the hands
mars Fabricio A man who is very crafty
mars Fabrico Artisan
venus Fabrienne works with the hands
venus Fabriqua works with the hands
venus Fabritzia works with the hands
venus Fabrizia works with the hands
mars Fabrizio Craftsman
mars Fabron Blacksmith
venus Fabunni God Has Given Me This
mars Fabyen A man who is a bean farmer
mars Facca The sheep in the pasture.
mars Facebook Gender: Unisex
mars Facundo One who is significant, eloquent
mars Fadahunsi The king's favor
mars Fadda The flock of the sheep in the meadow.
mars Faddei A boy who is brave and valiant.
mars Faddey Gift given by God
mars Fadee A gallant man who is self-sacrificing
venus Fadeelah One who is learned and distinguished.
venus Fadekunmi Add crown to me or add crown for me.
mars Fadel Honorable
venus Fadela A woman who is known for her great honor
mars Fadey Praise
mars Fadeyka A man who is brave and valiant.
mars Fadeyushka Brave and courageous
mars Fadgham A tall and handsome man
venus Fadheela Virtue
mars Fadheelat Virtue
mars Fadheeler A man who always wins
mars Fadhil An abundant person
venus Fadhila Bountiful
mars Fadhiler A man of virtue and excellence
mars Fadhili Aid, favor, compassion, and kindness.
venus Fadhiya A woman who looks gorgeous
mars Fadhl A man who is gracious and giving
mars Fadhlan A gift from God
mars Fadi Redeemer
venus Fadia Saviour
mars Fadil A man who gives generously to others
venus Fadila Excellent
venus Fadilah She is a generous giver
venus Fadiya African Swahili - Redeemer; One who redeems
venus Fadiyah A heroic and gallant woman
mars Fadl Outstanding
mars Fadl Allah He is in Alla's favor
mars Fadl Ullah The Allah's excellence
mars Fadlallah To feel the excellence of Allah
mars Fadlullah Excellence of God
venus Fadora gift from God
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