Names starting with the letter C

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter C, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a C. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus C'Ceal blind; sixth
mars Caarlo Settlement of free men
venus Cab One who makes ropes
mars Cabail A man who makes ropes
mars Cabal A small secret group of people
venus Cabalina having to do with horses
mars Cabbrieli Sicilian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.
mars Cabe He who is a ropemaker
mars Cabell A name of a ropemaker
venus-mars Cabernet Varietal Of Wine
mars Cabin Small, Simple Home
mars Cable Rope
mars Cabot Surname
mars Cabott A man who is a sailor
venus Cabrera Place of goats
venus Cabriah Goatherd
venus Cabrini An Italian surname, meaning one who sails
mars Cabriole Furniture Style
venus Caca Daughter of vukan
mars Cacamwri Servant
venus Cacau lame
mars Cace A man who is observant and alert
venus Cacee Vigilant
venus Cacelia blind; sixth
venus Cacey Meaning of Casey is "alert, watchful". From the male Gaelic name Cathasaigh. Can be used a both a Girl and Boys name.
venus-mars Cache Storage Place
venus Cachele Ewe
venus Cachelle Ewe
venus Cachet Prestige
mars Cachi He Demands Peace
venus Caci alert, watchful
venus Cacia Thorny tree
venus Cacie Thorny tree
venus Cacilie Blind
venus-mars Cactus From The Cactus Plant
mars Cacumattus A very old and rare name
venus Cacy alert, watchful
mars Cad Friendly
venus Cada An animal who is an orphan
mars Cadabyr A person who comes from the warrior's town
mars Cadak Pious Man, Rabbi
mars Cadal He is a warrior at heart
mars Cadan Battle
venus Cadance Falling
mars Cadao Ballad, Song
mars Cadassi To have something with the sea.
mars Cadby He comes from the settlement of the warrior
mars Cadda Battle
mars Caddaham One who comes from the land of the warrior
mars Caddam One from the warrior's land
mars Caddaric Friendly
mars Caddarik He who leads in the battle
mars Caddawyc He is from the warrior's town
mars Caddel Battle
mars Caddell Battle
venus Caddie A free woman
venus Caddy Falling
venus-mars Cade Stout, Sturdy
mars Cadeau Gift
venus Cadee Pure
mars Cadel Battle
venus Cadelaria Born At Candlemas
mars Cadell Battle
mars Caden Fighter
venus Cadena Falling
venus Cadence Rhythm
venus Cadenza Cadence
mars Cadeo Folk song
venus Cadette younger
venus-mars Cadewyn White Battle
venus Cadey Falling
mars Cadfael The prince of the battle
mars Cadfan The peak of the battle
venus Cadhla Beautiful
venus Cadi Round
venus Cadie Falling
mars Cadilyn Combination Name
mars Cadmael War chief
mars Cadman Warrior
mars Cadmon A warrior, soldier in the battle
mars Cadmus From The East
mars Cadoc Battle
mars Cadog To be in the battle
mars Cadogan Battle, glory
mars Cador A name of the King Arthur's nephew
mars Cadrasva A Hindi name for Boys
mars Cadrian From Hadria
mars Cadrien From Hadria
mars Cadryche Friendly
mars Cadwal The battle leader, commander
mars Cadwalader He will lead us into the battle
mars Cadwaladr A battle leader, used as a surname
mars Cadwallader He who leads to battle
mars Cadwallon A king's name
mars Cadwared An English Boy name
mars Cadwgan The glorious one in the battle
mars Cadwgon To have glory in the battle
mars Cadwur Warrior or soldier.
venus Cadwyn Channel
venus Cady Pure
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