Names starting with the letter S

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter S, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a S. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Sa'd A person of great fortune and good luck
mars Sa'dan A happy and fortunate person
venus Sa'diyya She who is blessed
mars Sa'Eed A lucky, fortunate person
mars Sa'Id He who is a happy, fortunate and lucky
mars Sa'im To be happy and fortunate in life
mars Sa'Ir To walks or go on foot
mars Sa'irah A person who likes to walk
mars Sa'Ood A person blessed with good fortunes
mars Saaadat A person who is blissful and happy
mars Saabiq Antecedent, prior, former
mars Saabir A patient person
venus Saabira A woman who is patient and eduring
venus Saach A truthful, beloved and graceful person
venus Saachi Truth
mars Saad good fortune
venus Saada A helpful person
mars Saadah A feeling of hapiness, blissfulnes and elation
mars Saadalla A joy of God
mars Saadar Respectful, respected
mars Saadat Blessing
venus Saade A blessing, profit or laughter
mars Saadee The lord or the master
venus Saadet Happiness, Felicity
mars Saadhik Winner
mars Saadhin Work or achievement
mars Saadi A person who is destined for happiness
venus Saadia To recieve help from God
mars Saadin The feirness an justice of religion
mars Saadiq One who is honest and trustworty
venus Saadiqa One who tells the truth.
venus Saadiqah A sincere and truthful person
venus Saadiya good fortune
mars Saaduddin A justice and success of Islam religion
mars Saadullah One who is Blessed of Allah
venus Saadya God's helper
mars Saafi A person of pure and clean nature
mars Saafir A person who is an ambassador, a pretty one
mars Saagar An English surname meaning wise
mars Saagarik Belonging to the ocean.
mars Saagh One who is a good listener
mars Saaghir A person who is os submissive, yielding nature
venus Saagnika Fiery, passionate, or with fire
venus Saahana Raga
mars Saahib One who is a follower, a companion
mars Saahil Seashore
mars Saahir Wakeful
venus Saahira A wakeful person
venus Saahirah Earth, moon, or spring which flows constantly
venus Saahithi Literature
venus Saaida One who is lucky in life
mars Saaim To go without food, to fast
venus Saaiqa A lightning in the sky
venus Saaj A worshiper of God
mars Saajid God worshipper
venus Saajida A deovted worshiper of Gpd
mars Saakaar God's manifestation
mars Saaleh A person with good heart
venus Saaleha A pious, good and correct person
mars Saalih One of good nature
venus Saaliha A uselful and good person
venus Saalihah A righteous and pious person
mars Saalik A person who is on the spiritual path
mars Saalim The feeling of safety and security
venus Saalima A safe, secure person
mars Saaloot The first King of Israel and Judah
mars Saaman Jasmine
mars Saamel God has heard
venus Saameyah A pure woman
mars Saami A high, exalted, praised person
mars Saamir Productive, fruit-bearing
venus Saamiya An elevated woman
venus Saana A place name, the name of the mountain in Finland
venus Saanjali A hand that is claspled in a prayer
venus Saanjh An evening, a latter part of the day
venus Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
venus Saanvika A name of Goddess Lakshmi
mars Saaqib Arabic name for Boys meaning Piercig, sharp, keen
mars Saar Storm
venus Saara Saara is the Finnish version of the name Sarah, meaning 'lady' or 'princess'.
venus Saaraa She is like a Princess
venus Saarah Arabic variation of the name Sarah, meaning 'Princess'.
mars Saarang The Moon and the Sun
mars Saaras A swan-like person
venus Saari Empress, a Princess
venus Saariyah She who is like the clouds at the night sky
mars Saarthik The noble man
mars Saary Quicksilver
venus Saarya Name of a pious woman
venus Saasha A defender of mankind
venus Saat Urdu name meaning moment, time
mars Saatatya Endless, never ending
mars Saatvik Pious
venus Saatvika Name of Goddess Durga
venus Saavini The name refers to the month of Saavan.
venus Sab A lion
venus Saba Submit
venus Sabaa Muslim name for Eastern wind
mars Sabaah Light of the morning
mars Sabad Guru's words
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