Names starting with the letter H

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter H, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a H. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Ha Sunshine And Warmth
venus Ha-Eun Ha means Summer, Great, or Talented, Eun means Kindness, Mercy, Charity, and can also mean Silver, Money
mars Ha Joon Ha means Summer, Talented, Joon means Handsome
venus Ha Rin Ha means Summer, Great, or Talented, Rin means Female unicorn
venus Ha Yoon Ha means Summer, Great, or Talented, Yoon means Allow or Consent
mars Haabeel Name of the son of Hazrat Aadam
mars Haadhir Present; Attending; A variant of Hadhir
venus Haadiya Righteous
venus Haadiyah gift
mars Haady Guiding to the right, righteous
venus Haadya Very well behaved, well mannered
mars Haafiz Preserver, guardian, keeper
venus Haafiza guardian
venus Haajar Solid as a stone
venus Haajira Wife of prophet Ibrahim, mother of prophet Ismail
venus Haak Honest,Pervading, Orderly; Pedlar; A variant of Haack
mars Haakim Wise; Healer; Physician; Ruler; Sovereign; A variant of Hakim
mars Haakon High son, decendent
venus Haala Aureole
venus Haameda praiseworthy
mars Haamid Praising God
venus Haan Rooster; name of a place
venus Haana Hebrew - Grace; Maori name family name; A variant of Hannah
mars Haanee Happy; Delighted; Content; Joyful; A variant of Hani
venus Haani Content, delighted, happy
mars Haanish Delighted, pleased, happy
mars Haard Feelings of the heart
mars Haaris Vigilant; Watchman; Guardian; Protector; Friend; A variant of Haris
mars Haarith A lion that digs into the earth
mars Haaroon Prophet
mars Haarun Warrior lion, combatant, fighter
mars Haashim Generosity
mars Haasim One who live the life with zeal, ardor and enthusiasm.
mars Haatim Judge
mars Haaziq Skillfull; Intelligent; Brilliant
venus Hab Love, affiliation, friendship, hope
venus Haba African - One who is Charming; Favourite; A variant of Haiba
mars Habab Aim; Goal; End; Destination; A variant of Habbab which means loving and affectionate
venus Hababa Beautiful, attractive, gorgeous looking
venus Hababah A Daughter of Ajlan; She was a Narrator of Hadith
mars Habakkuk Wrestler, he who embraces
mars Habash Guinea fowl, guinea hen
mars Habbab Friendship, lovable personality, polite, gentle
mars Habbah Berry; Grain; Seed; A variant form is Habba
mars Habbie A per name from Hab, that is a variant of Robert, meaning famous and bright
mars Habeeb Sweetheart, beloved, dearest
venus Habeeba Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling; Loved One; A variant spelling is Habiba
mars Habeeballah God's beloved, loved by god
mars Habeel One of the sons of prophet Adam
mars Haben Pride
venus Habi Picture, Image, depiction
mars Habib Beloved One
venus Habiba Beloved
venus Habibah loved one
mars Habiballah Loved by god, God's beloved
venus Habibeh Popular, admired, well liked by everyone
mars Habibi loved one
mars Habibullah Loved by God, God's beloved
venus Habika Sweetheart, darling, beloved
mars Habiki Echo, Sound
mars Habil One of the sons of prophet Adam; Biblical Abel
venus Hablah A woman with a good income or earning.
venus Haboos Name of a kind and benevolent lady who once lived in Lebanon.
mars Habub The one having good animals or cows. Also the family name of Jamasp.
mars Habushun An ancient Arabic Boy name
mars Habwat Gift; Present
mars Hac An old, Anglo-Saxon nickname for Haca
mars Haca An old Anglo-Saxon byname that is not complementary
mars Hacca A non complementary Anglo-Saxon name
venus-mars Hachi Eight
mars Hachim Brave breaker or destroyer of evil
mars Hachiro Eighth Son
mars Hachirou Eighth Son
mars Hacket Norman personal name
mars Hackett little woodsman
mars Hackit The names of Scottish Personels
mars Hackitt Old name of Norman and scottish personal
mars Hackman Servant, one who serves
venus Hada Salty Place
mars Hadabbas Tiger
mars Hadad Clamor, joy, noise
mars Hadaf Object, goal, target
mars Hadal Mistletoe, a plant
mars Hadan Hay valley
venus-mars Hadar Splendor Or Glory
venus Hadara bedecked in beauty
venus Hadarah beauty, splendor, glory
venus Hadarit beauty, splendor, glory
venus Hadas Hadas is one of the "four species" used on Sukkot with the lulav and etrog
venus Hadasa myrtle, bride; star
venus Hadasah myrtle, bride; star
venus Hadass Myrtle tree in Hebrew
venus Hadassa flowering myrtle
venus Hadassah Myrtle Tree
venus Hadaya Gift; Present; A variant of Hadiya
mars Hadd One who is guided
venus Hadda Myrtle Tree
mars Haddad blacksmith
mars Haddan Hay valley
venus Haddasha Myrtle Tree; Hebrew name of Queen Esther
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