Names starting with the letter Y

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter Y, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a Y. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Ya Graceful
mars Yaa One who is born on Thursday
venus Yaaba One who is born on Thursday
mars Yaachan Prayer
venus Yaagnya A ritual sacrifice with a specific objective.
mars Yaaja One of the names of Lord Shiva.
mars Yaakov Supplanter
mars Yaal He Will Ascend
venus Yaalisai Melodious
mars Yaalon He will rise up
mars Yaamir The moon
mars Yaamya One of the names of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.
mars Yaashk Exerting
mars Yaashvan Winner
mars Yaasoob Ali's Title
mars Yaatiesh Lord of devotees
venus Yaayaa One who is born on Thursday.
venus Yabell God is my oath
venus Yabella God is my oath
venus Yabelle God is my oath
venus Yachana Pleading
mars Yachel To start or to commence
venus Yachi Eight Thousand
venus Yachne Gracious, kind
venus Yacine Yacine is a variant of the Arabic given name Yasin. It means happiness.
venus Yacinta hyacinth
venus Yacintha hyacinth
mars Yaco A leather bag
venus Yacova Female form of Jacob, meaning Yahweh may protect
mars Yad A Lebanese word for jade.
venus Yada Uncertain
mars Yadab Yadab is the Oriya version of Yadav. It's one of the names of Lord Krishna and means descendent of Yadu.
venus Yadana A form of Yadanar. It means gem
venus Yadanar Gem or gemstone
mars Yadav Lord Krishna
mars Yadavendra Leader of the Yadavas
venus Yadavi Goddess Durga
mars Yadgar Memorable
venus Yadhana Smile
mars Yadhav A variation of Yadav, meaning descendant of Yadu.
mars Yadhavan One of the names of Lord Krishna, meaning descendant of Yadu.
mars Yadhu Name of an ancient Indian king.
venus Yadi Friend
mars Yadid Beloved
mars Yadiel God has heard
venus Yadira Friend
venus Yadita Lord of the night.
venus Yadleen One absorbed in God's remembrance
mars Yadnya The holy fire
mars Yado Name of a Kurdish leader.
mars Yadu Name of an ancient king.
mars Yadunand Lord Krishna
mars Yadunandan Lord Krishna
mars Yadunath Lord Krishna
mars Yaduttam Lord Krishna
venus Yadvi Goddess Durga
venus Yaeeta She who is beautiful.
mars Yaegar Hunter
mars Yaeger Chase, Hunt
venus Yael Mountain Goat
venus Yaella Prominent
mars Yaeshawn God is merciful
venus Yafa Beautiful, Pretty
mars Yafeu A bold and strong man.
venus Yaffa Beautiful
venus Yaffah lovely
mars Yafi A narrator of Hadith
venus Yafiah High
mars Yafir The one who leaves a mark.
venus Yagapriya Name of a Raga
venus Yagavi Bright
mars Yaghoub Assyrian form of Jacob, meaning to heel.
mars Yagil He Will Rejoice
venus-mars Yagmur Rain
mars Yagnakaya One who accepts all the sacred and sacrificial offerings.
venus Yagnitha Worship
mars Yagya Fire
mars Yagyasen Name of king Drupad
mars Yagyesh Lord Vishnu
venus Yahaira To Light, To Shine
venus Yahaloma Diamond
mars Yahir Handsome
mars Yaholo One Who Yells
mars Yahto Blue
mars Yahuah God Is My Salvation
venus Yahvi Heaven
mars Yahya God Is Gracious.
venus Yaiiua Bright; Youthful; Vibrant person with youthful energy
venus Yaima Water conduit
mars Yair He Will Enlighten
venus Yaira to illuminate
mars Yaj A sage
mars Yajat Worthy of worship
mars Yajnadhar A name of Lord Vishnu
mars Yajnarup A name of Lord Krishna
venus Yajnika Flame
venus Yajushi Related to Yajurve
mars Yakecan Sky, song
mars Yakez Heaven
mars Yakim Established by God
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