Names starting with the letter Y

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter Y, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a Y. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Yakini African - An honest Woman; Truthful Lady;
venus Yakira Precious
venus Yakootah Emerald
mars Yakov Supplanter
venus Yakova Held by the heel
mars Yaksh Representative of God, a demi God
mars Yaksha Demi God, sister of Daksha
venus Yakshangi River
mars Yaksharaj Kubera
mars Yakshasena King
mars Yakshavarman Author
venus Yakshini Yaksha
mars Yakshit Who is made forever, permanent, God
mars Yakub Supplanter
mars Yakubu Supplanter
venus Yalanda Form of Yolanda, meaning violet flower.
venus-mars Yale From The Fertile Upland
venus Yalena sun ray
venus Yaletha A variant of Oletha. It means light or nimble.
venus Yalina One who is soft and delicate.
venus Yalinda violet flower
venus Yalitza Created Name
venus Yalonda violet flower
venus Yalqoot charity
mars Yam Sea
mars Yama Mountain
venus Yamabhagini Yamuna
mars Yamahil Lord Vishnu
mars Yamajit Lord Shiva
mars Yamal One Of A Twin
mars Yaman Proper name
mars Yamar Life, alive.
venus Yamaris A variation of Mary, meaning wished for a child or star of the sea.
mars Yamato Old Japan
venus Yameena One who is prospering.
mars Yamesh Lord Shiva
venus Yamha Dove
venus Yami Pair
venus Yamika Night
mars Yamil Beautiful
venus Yamilet Beautiful, Elegant
venus Yamileth Beautiful
venus Yamilla Beautiful
venus Yamin Right Hand
venus Yamina suitable, proper
venus Yaminah Blessed
venus Yamini Nocturnal, night
mars Yaminichandra A name of Lord Vishnu
mars Yamir Moon
venus Yamira Moon
venus Yamka Budding Flower
venus Yamna On the right side, one who is always right.
venus-mars Yamparti Sweet
venus Yamuna River
venus Yamya Night
mars Yan Pretty Colors / Swallow Bird
venus Yana God is gracious
venus Yanaba She Meets Her Enemy
venus-mars Yancey Yankee
venus-mars Yancy Created Name
mars Yandel Created Name
venus Yanenowi She Guards The Corn
venus Yangkyi An adorable girl.
venus Yanichel Gift Of God
mars Yanick God is gracious
venus Yanira Gift from God.
mars Yanis A boy's name is of Greek origin, meaning "God is gracious". Also spelt Yannis, Yiannis or Giannis
mars Yanisin Ashamed
mars Yaniv He will be fruitful
venus-mars Yank U.S. Northerner
venus Yanka Feminine Diminutive Form Of John
venus-mars Yankee U.S. Northerner
mars Yankel Grasped by the heel
mars Yann God is gracious
venus Yanna God is gracious
mars Yanni God Is Gracious
mars Yannic God is gracious
venus-mars Yannick God is gracious
mars Yannis God Is Gracious
mars Yansh God name
venus Yanti Goddess Parvati
venus-mars Yantse Yellow Willow
venus Yao Born on Thursday; far away
mars Yaotel Rival
venus-mars Yaotl Warrior
mars Yaotyl Yaotyl is a spelling variant of Yaotel. It means rival.
venus Yaoxochitl Marigold or flower of the enemy
venus Yapany Big Sister
mars Yaphet Enlarged
mars Yaqeen Belief
mars Yaqinul Islam One who believes in Islam
venus Yaqoot Ruby, Garnet; Gold; Pearl; Coral
mars Yaqub Supplanter
mars Yaquica He who goes to war
mars Yaqut Name of a gem found in Swat
venus Yaquta Gold, ruby, pearl and coral. Basically a term used for gem stones.
venus Yar A companion or friend.
venus Yara Small Butterfly
venus Yarah Warm
mars Yaran A close friend
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