Names starting with the letter X

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter X, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a X. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus X-iomania Unknown
mars Xabier Bright, new house
venus Xabrina Form of Sabrina
mars Xacob Form of Jacob
mars Xadrian Created Name
mars Xael Unknown
venus Xaila Unknown
mars Xaime Supplanter
mars Xakery Respelling Of Zachary
venus Xalina Form of Salina
venus Xalvadora Savior
mars Xan Short for Alexander, Alexandra
venus-mars Xanadu Mongolian City
mars Xande Protector of men
mars Xander Defender Of The People
venus Xandi Form of Sandi
venus Xandra Defender Of The People
venus Xandy Defender Of The People
venus-mars Xannon Ancient God
venus Xantara Protector Of The Earth
venus Xantha Yellow
venus Xanthe Golden
mars Xantheus One who is golden haired.
venus Xanthia yellow, blonde
mars Xanthias Yellow
venus Xanthippe Yellow horse
mars Xanthippos Yellow
mars Xanthos Yellow-haired
mars Xanthus Golden
venus-mars Xanti Short Form Of Xantiago
mars Xantiago Follower Of St. James
venus Xantina Little saint
mars Xanto Golden
venus Xara Princess
venus Xaria Respelling Of Zaria
venus Xarissa Created Name
mars Xarles Man
venus Xatia She who is flawless like an icon or painting
venus Xava The New House
venus Xaverie Female version of Xavier, meaning the new house.
mars Xaverine New house
venus Xavia bright, splendid; new house
mars Xavian Bright, new house
mars Xaviar New house
venus Xavienna bright, splendid; new house
mars Xavier The New House
venus Xaviera The New House
venus Xaviere The New House
mars Xavierius Very bright
mars Xaviero Bright, new house
mars Xavion New house
mars Xavior Bright, new house
mars Xavon Bright, new house
mars Xavyer Bright, new house
venus Xavyera bright, splendid; new house
venus Xeenia guest, stranger
venus Xena Hospitable
venus Xeni protector of plants, flowers
venus Xenia Hospitable
mars Xeno Zeus
venus Xenobia Force of Zeus
mars Xenocrates Foreigner or guest power
mars Xenon Guest, Host
mars Xenophanes Looking foreign or strange
mars Xenophon Strange Voice
mars Xenos Guest, Host
venus Xeraphina Seraphim, Angel
venus Xerena Form of Serena
mars Xeres Elder
mars Xerxes ruler
mars Xesus Form of Jesus
venus Xexilia Blind Of Self Beauty
mars Xhaiden Cleansing Beam Of Light
mars Xhiva Assamese version of Lord Shiva. It means benign, kind, auspicious
venus Xhosa South African Tribe
mars Xhosas Africa
venus-mars Xi-wang Hope
venus Xia Glow Of The Sunrise
venus Xia He Summer Lotus
mars Xian One who lives alone
venus Xiang Fragrant
mars Xiao Xiao is a unisex Chinese name and has many meanings including 'dawn, morning', 'little' or 'respectful, reverent'. It can also be used in with a person's last name to call younger generation eg with a surname Chan, anyone that is older will call the younger person Xiao Chan.
venus-mars Xiao Chen Early Morning
venus Xiao Hong Morning Rainbow
mars Xiao-ping Little peace
mars Xiaoping The Chinese boys name Xiaoping means 'little bottle'.
mars Xicohtencatl Angry bumblebee
venus-mars Xidorn Created Name
mars Xihuitl comet
venus Xilda Tribute
venus Xilonen Hairy one
venus Xiloxoch Calliandra
mars Ximen Conscientious
venus Ximena Hearkening, He Has Heard
mars Ximenes Form of Simon
mars Ximeno Son
venus Ximona Listening
venus Xin Qian Happy, Beautiful
venus Xinavane Spread, Propagate
mars Xing Star
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