Names starting with the letter V

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter V, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a V. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Vaagdevi The Goddess of learning.
venus Vaagiswari A name of Goddess Saraswati.
mars Vaalaky Name of one of the Kauravas.
venus Vaanya Name of the Hindu deity of forests.
venus Vaarahi One who rides on varaah. Also, one of the matrikas. A group of eight mother Goddess in the Hindu religion.
venus Vaarida Cloud
mars Vaaridhar Cloud
mars Vaarin Ocean
venus Vaasanthi Name of the spring goddess.
mars Vaathavega Name of one of the Kauravas.
mars Vaayu Breeze
mars Vachan Speech or promise
venus Vachana Promise
mars Vachaspati Lord of speech
mars Vachasya One who is well spoken of, or celebrated
mars Vachel Cowherd
mars Vaclav Great glory
venus Vaclava More glory
venus Vada Famous Ruler
venus Vadhana Bright star
mars Vadik Ruler
mars Vadim Proving, Arguing
mars Vadin Of Unknown Meaning
mars Vadish Lord of the body
mars Vadivel One of the names of Lord Murugan.
venus Vaeda Eternal Knowledge
venus Vaga falling vulture
mars Vagadheeksha The lord of spokesmen
venus Vagdevi Goddess of speech
mars Vageesh Lord Brahma
venus Vageeshwari Saraswathi
mars Vagindra Lord of speech
mars Vagish Lord Brahma
venus Vagishwari Goddess Saraswati
mars Vagn A carriage in Icelandic language.
mars Vaha An open sea.
mars Vahar The season spring.
venus Vahbiz The one bestowed by God.
mars Vahe Best, Shield
mars Vahid Single or one
venus Vahida Single or one.
mars Vahide Unique, Like No Other
venus Vahini River
venus-mars Vahn God Is Gracious
venus Vaiana Rock/Water/Cave
mars Vaibhav Richness
mars Vaibudh Belonging to the Gods, divine
venus Vaidehi Goddess Sita
venus Vaidharbhi Rukmini
venus Vaidhurya Gem
mars Vaidyanaath Master of medicines
venus Vaiga falling vulture
venus Vaijanti Flag, banner
venus Vaijayantimala Lord Vishnu's garland
venus-mars Vail Dweller In The Valley
venus Vainavi Gold
mars Vaino Persecution
mars Vairinchya Lord Brahma's son
venus Vairy Strong
mars Vaisaka A season
venus Vaishakhi Wife of Vasudeva
venus Vaishali City
mars Vaishant Quiet, shining star
venus Vaishnavi Devotee of Vishnu
venus Vaishvi A form of Vaishnavi, meaning worshipper of Lord Vishnu.
mars Vaitafe Stream
mars Vajra Thunderbolt
mars Vajrajit Indra
venus Vajrakala Diamond
mars Vajrakaya Sturdy like metal
mars Vajramani Diamond
mars Vajrin Indra
mars Vakhtang Wolf-bodied
venus-mars Val Short Form Of Valentine Or Valerie
venus Vala Chosen
venus Valantina Strong
mars Valar Unknown
mars Valarae Unknown
venus Valaree Strong
venus Valarey strong, healthy
venus Valaria Strong
venus Valarie Form of VALERIE. strong
mars Valay Ring
venus Valda Power Rule
mars Valdemar Famous ruler
mars Valdez Unclear
mars Valdimar Ruler of the ocean.
mars Valdis An Old Norse name, meaning goddess of the dead.
venus-mars Vale strong, healthy
venus Valeda strong, healthy
mars Valen Strong
venus Valena strong, healthy
mars Valence Strength, power
venus Valencia Strength, Health
venus Valene Strong
venus Valenteana Strong
venus Valenteane Strong
venus Valenteen Strong
venus Valenteena Strong
venus Valenteene Strong
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