Names starting with the letter V

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter V, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a V. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Valentena Strong
venus Valentia Power
mars Valentijn Strong
mars Valentim Brazilian variant of Valentine, meaning strong and healthy.
mars Valentin Strength, Health
venus Valentina Strength, Health
venus-mars Valentine Strength, Health
mars Valentino Strength, Health
mars Valenton Strong
mars Valenty Strong
mars Valentyn Strong
venus Valentyna Ukrainian version of Valentina, meaning strong, healthy and brave.
mars Valentyne Strong
venus Valenzia strong, healthy
mars Valenzuela Bravery, Strength
venus Valera Brave and valiant.
venus Valeree strong, healthy
venus Valeri Strong
venus Valeria Strength
mars Valerian Strength
venus Valeriana strong, healthy
venus Valerie Strength
venus Valerija Strong
mars Valerijs One who is brave and valiant.
mars Valerio Powerful, strong
mars Valeriu Romanian form of Valerius, meaning to be healthy, to be strong.
mars Valeriy Healthy, Of Good Cheer
venus-mars Valery strong, healthy
venus Valerye Strong
venus Valeska Diminutive Form Of Names Beginning With Val Or Vlad
venus Valgerður Ruler or protection
mars Vali Powerful, strong
venus Valia Concealed
mars Valiant Brave
venus Valida strong, healthy
mars Valin Monkey King
venus Valina strong, healthy
venus Valini Stars
mars Valintinianu Sicilian form of Valentinianus, meaning strong.
venus Valja strong, healthy
venus Valjeta Dawning
venus Valka Strong
mars Valko Wolf
venus Valkyrie Chooser Of The Slain
venus Valla singled out
mars Vallabh Beloved, dear
venus Vallabha Lover
venus Vallabhi One who is beloved. It's also the name of a raga.
venus Vallari Creepers, Goddess Parvati
venus Vallarie strong, healthy
venus Vallatina strong, healthy
venus Vallda renowned ruler
venus Valleree Strong
venus Valleri Strong
venus Vallerie Strength
venus Vallery strong, healthy
venus Valley Between The Mountains
venus Valli Wife of Karthikeya
venus Vallie strong, healthy
venus Vallika Creeper
venus Vallirie Strong
mars Vallois A Welshman
venus Vallombrosa shady valley
venus Vallonia shallow valley
venus Vallora brave, courageous
venus Vallorey strong, healthy
venus Vallorie strong, healthy
venus Vallory strong, healthy
venus Vallrie strong, healthy
mars Vally strong, healthy
venus Valma determined protector
venus Valmai Australian Invented Name
mars Valmont Mount of the vale
venus Valombrosa shady valley
venus Valonia Combination Of Val- And -onia
venus Valonya shallow valley
venus-mars Valor Worthiness, Bravery
venus Valora Bravery
venus Valoria brave, courageous
venus Valorie strong, healthy; brave, courageous
venus Valory brave, courageous
venus Valorya brave, courageous
mars Valour Courageous or brave
venus Valoura brave, courageous
venus Valouria brave, courageous
venus Valpurga Female master of the tower.
venus Valry strong, healthy
mars Valter Army ruler
venus Valterra Feminine Form Of Valter
mars Valters To rule, army or warrior.
mars Valther Commander
venus Valtina Created Name
mars Valtteri Army rule
venus Valya Strong
venus Valyn strong, healthy
venus Vama Lady, Goddess Durga
mars Vaman Lord Vishnu
venus Vamika Goddess Durga
venus Vamil Beautiful
mars Vamshi Flute
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