Names starting with the letter N

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter N, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a N. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Na Na is a Chinese girls name meaning graceful.
venus Na'amah Pleasantness
mars Na'Eem Gladness or well being, a caring person
venus Na'Eemah A caring and compassionate woman.
mars Na'Il A hard worker or self starter.
venus Na'Ilah Very prosperous or fruitful.
venus Na'Ima In Hebrew it means the pleasant and gracious person. In Arabic it means a fruitful gift.
venus Na'Imah The person who lives a peaceful and joyful life.
mars Na yab An uncommon or most treasurable.
mars Naa'Il The breadwinner, the one who acquires or earn.
venus Naa'Irah A bright and shining source of light.
mars Naabhi the middle part of the body.
mars Naabih well-known, celebrated, notable, bright.
mars Naade A boy who is born in royalty.
venus Naadhira A Prospering or blossoming person.
venus Naadia A gem or child of brightness.
mars Naadim A repentant or remorseful individual
mars Naadir Dear
venus Naadira A rare specie, the most precious.
venus Naadiya The one who calls, or the one who announce
mars Naag The huge snake, a serpent
mars Naagarjun The superior among the serpents.
mars Naagchand The serpent, the serpent possessor.
mars Naagdhar Refers to the Lord Shiva, who wears the cobra around his neck.
mars Naagendra The Lord of the peak of serpents.
mars Naagesh The god of the serpents. One of the name of Lord Shiva
mars Naagpal The person who is the redeemer of the serpents.
mars Naagpati The ruler of the serpents.
mars Naagraaj The serpent King
mars Naagraj The monarch of the serpents.
venus Naaheed The star Venus, an elevated person
mars Naaib A representative or a leader.
mars Naail Wage earner, Receiver, Award, Capacity.
venus Naaila the person with the record of victories.
venus Naaja Gull, seagull
mars Naaji A valuable or favourable person
venus Naajia The one who is self governing.
venus Naajidah As brave as a lioness
mars Naajy Free from danger or the threat of damage.
venus Naak Golden
venus Naakaiah A virtuous, pure, a faithful person
mars Naakesh Moon
mars Naal A celebrated birth; name of a saint
venus Naama beautiful, good-looking
mars Naamadhar the protector or defender of the name.
mars Naamadol firming in name, the firm name
venus Naamah Pleasantness
mars Naamahar the one who is endured by name.
mars Naaman the person who is being harmony with his taste or likings.
mars Naamanand the one who finds ecstasy in name.
mars Naambhagat follower of the Lord.
mars Naambir the bold one who think of the Lord.
mars Naamcheet the one who is remembering the name of the Lord.
mars Naamchetan the one who is alert of name.
mars Naamdarshan the revelation of the name.
mars Naamdeep the spotlight of name.
mars Naamdev a writer or a saint.
mars Naamdhan the person who is receiving the fortune of the name.
mars Naamdharam the Spiritual celebration of name.
mars Naamdheer the one who is committed to his name.
mars Naamdhian The person is engaged with his name.
mars Naamdhun The tune or song of the name.
mars Naamgeet The tunes and melodies of name.
mars Naami Pretty, sugary, tender, one of the places in southern Israel.
mars Naamjas Recommendations of name.
mars Naamjeev Fascinated by the name.
mars Naamjeevan One who possess only the name in his life.
mars Naamjodh The soldier who is engaged in name.
mars Naamjog Coming together with name, who love the name
mars Naamjot Bright or nimble of the name.
mars Naamkamal Blossoming via the name.
mars Naamleen Fascinated by the name.
mars Naamliv Absorbed in Naam; One who meditates in name of Shiva
mars Naamlok The land or the place of names.
mars Naamnidhan Wealth and prosperity of the name.
mars Naamniranjan The one who is clean and perfect according to his name.
venus Naamnirmal The one who is sacred via her name.
mars Naamnivas The one who is living by his own name only.
mars Naamprakash Blistering the nimble of the name.
mars Naampreet The one who is really admiring his name.
mars Naamraman The one who is engrossed with his name.
mars Naamrang The one who is filled with his name.
mars Naamras The sweetness of the name
mars Naamratan Possessing the precious diamond of name.
mars Naamroop Personification of the name.
mars Naamsaihaj The one who has peacefulness in his name.
mars Naamsangat The one who is appropriate to be in his name, a good company of his name
venus Naamseetal The one who is having concord via her name.
mars Naamshant Discovering harmony via his name.
mars Naamsharan The one who protects his name.
venus Naamsukh Possessing gladness via her name.
mars Naamteerath The sacred venue of name.
mars Naamuttam The one who has lifted up by his name.
mars Naamvichar The one who has consideration on the morality.
venus Naana Compassionate, originator of the corn refiner, helper, combatant.
mars Naanak The Master or Guru. The founder of the Sikh religion
venus Naara Girl, Maiden
mars Naaraayan The right path of mankind, also the resting place of all the living species
mars Naarad The one who gives wisdom, spreads the name of Lord
venus Naarah Youth girl or damsel.
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