Names starting with the letter N

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter N, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a N. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Naasah The one who gives advices about difficulties.
mars Naase The one who is chromatically pure.
mars Naashaad The one who is unfortunate and depressed.
mars Naasi Person who is understandable or unmistakable.
mars Naasih Expert in giving advice to others.
venus Naasiha Professional in giving truthful guidance to others.
mars Naasik The one who is spiritual supporter, a pious person
venus Naasima The person who guides others.
mars Naasir The person who is assisting and caretaking others.
venus Naasira The person who helps other people.
venus Naasoq Plant, flower
venus Naasunnguaq Sweet little flower
venus Naataanii A poetess who writes the praise of the prophet
mars Naathim Performing as a controller or coordinator.
venus Naava Beautiful
venus Naavah Beautiful
mars Naavalan The person who delivers a speech.
mars Naavarasan The person who is very well knowledge in drawings.
mars Naayaab Uncommon or treasurable.
venus Naayantara The shining start of the eyes.
venus Naaz Pride
mars Naazeer An observer, a spectator, who observe a lot
mars Naazim The person who has the ability to establish everything.
venus Naazima The person who writes poems. lady poet.
mars Naazir The person who supervises an event.
venus Naazira The one who looks on over the activities.
venus Naazneen Stunning and fascinating lady.
mars Nab Head minister of an monastery.
venus Naba The new or the fresh one
mars Nabadip A new light
venus Nabah The person who is great noble or sky.
mars Nabaha Celebrity, dignity, intellect, glow, genius.
mars Nabajit A new winner or a new win
venus Nabakalika A fresh blossom, a garden fresh shoot.
mars Nabakumar Newly delivered baby Boy.
venus Nabamallika Resembles duple Jasmine flower.
venus Nabami Lunar fortnight's ninth day.
venus Nabamita Ninth day of the lunar fortnight.
venus Nabani Fresh fat or margarine.
mars Nabanil A new, clear blue sky
venus Nabanipa Resembles very fresh blossom.
venus Nabanita The new faith or the new moral
venus Nabanna The fresh cereal grass.
mars Nabarun Person who born under the shining sun.
venus Nabawia The person who is foretelling the events via supernatural intervention.
venus Nabawiya The person who is farsighted the events through spiritual mediation.
mars Nabdeep The person who resembles as fresh spotlight.
mars Nabeeh The person mentally quick and resourceful.
venus Nabeeha The person who is standing above others in quality or position.
mars Nabeel The name Nabeel is a variant of the Arabic name Nabil which means 'noble'.
venus Nabeela noble
venus Nabeelah The one who is impressive in appearance.
venus Nabeele The person who is generous, understanding and tolerant.
mars Nabeh The person who is honourable and extraordinary.
mars Nabendu The one who was born under the first moon.
mars Nabh Sky
venus Nabha the middle of the heart or mind.
mars Nabhan The person who is attentive, sleepless and mindful.
mars Nabhanyu Continuing forever or indefinitely.
mars Nabhas The person who resembles the blue sky.
mars Nabhasa The person who is relating to the sky.
mars Nabhayan The person who is closer to the sky.
mars Nabhendu Moon
mars Nabhi The supreme effort that one can make.
mars Nabhij Lord Brahma
mars Nabhik The leader of the accurate path way.
mars Nabhikumar Nabhikumar is derived from the name Nabhiraj and means father of Lord Rishabhdev.
mars Nabhinandan A name of Lord Rishabhdev
mars Nabhiraj The Lord Brahma the initiator of the universe.
mars Nabhiray A variation of the name Nabhiraj. It means father of Lord Rishabhdev.
mars Nabhith The person who is oblivious of dangers.
mars Nabhkanti The person who resembles the biggest star in the space, Sun.
mars Nabhketan Sun
mars Nabhoj Born in sky
mars Nabhomandal The person who resembles the blue sky.
mars Nabhomani The rays of the sun.
mars Nabhya Middle, centre, mid, equal distance from both sides.
mars Nabi An additional name of Prophet Mohammed according to Islam.
mars Nabibakhsh Something given by the Prophet
mars Nabibukhsh A portion of the Prophecy
mars Nabibux Provided by the Prophet of Almighty
mars Nabiel The person who is belonging to the honour and titles.
mars Nabigh Genius
mars Nabih Smart
venus Nabiha The person who is worthy of being depended on.
venus Nabihah The person who is possessing excellent knowledge.
venus Nabijah The person who is motivating and bold guider.
mars Nabil Noble
venus Nabila noble
venus Nabilah noble
venus Nabilia A noble person, always carry good deeds
mars Nabin The person who is fresh or original.
mars Nabina The person who is new and fresh.
mars Nabinchandra The fresh moon, or a crescent moon
mars Nabiullah The Holy Prophet of the Almighty. The nickname of the Prophet Nuh.
mars Nabiulmalhamsh The person who is foretelling the battle time.
mars Nabon The person who is from the north side overhang.
mars Nabor The shining nimble of the prophet.
venus Nabra A lofty peak, specially valued for its uncommonness.
venus Nacala Peace, Tranquility
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