Names starting with the letter M

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter M, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a M. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus M'chelle who is like God?
venus M'shell who is like God?
venus Ma The heights
mars Ma'awiya A young dog or a fox
mars Ma'd A name of an old Arabian tribe
mars Ma'dan A name of the God of Love
venus Ma'Isah She who wallks proudly
mars Ma'mar One who lives long; an edifice
mars Ma'mun A reliable and trustworthy individual
mars Ma'n Benefit; one who provides assistance
venus Maab A beautiful place or person to return to
mars Maad Arabic name that means Afterlife
mars Maadhav One of many names of Lord Shri Krishna
mars Maadhava A person who is as sweet as honey
mars Maagh Name of a Hindu month
mars Maaglant A happy and versatile individual
venus Maahi Love, adoration
mars Maahir A skilled person. Someone who is an expert
venus Maahjabeen She carries the Moon on her forhead
venus Maahnoor The Moon's glow
venus Maaike As Mary
venus Maaja great; mother
mars Maajid One who is honourable and splendid
venus Maajida A glorious woman of power
mars Maaka Maaka is the Maori version of Mark. It means consecrated to the god Mars.
mars Maaksharth Precious part of Mother's Heart;
mars Maalav A keeper og the horses
mars Maalay A town in the hills
venus Maali blessed
mars Maalik Owns, Possesses
mars Maalik master Name of Allah; king
mars Maalin A gralandmaker
mars Maalolam He who coquered Madhu
mars Maalolan Name of Deity in Ahobilam; God in temple of Ahobilam; Lord Vishnu as beloved of Goddess Lakshmi
mars Maamar The one who prospers
venus Maame Mother
mars Maamoona A fearless, brave man
mars Maamoun A dependable, reliable person
venus Maamouna A woman on who you can depend
mars Maamun A loyal, trustworthy and honorable person
venus Maamuna Thrustworthy and loyal woman
mars Maan Mind; Heart; Soul; From the heart
mars Maanal A Boy who is as free as a bird
mars Maanas One who has a powerful mind
venus Maanasa A Lake in Himalayas
venus Maanasi A sound minded woman
mars Maanav A person who is of male gender
mars Maandeo King
mars Maandhata Name of an Ancient King; Means he who protects the Jiva or Soul
venus Maanika A red coloured jew, the Ruby
mars Maaniky Yeda; Enjoyer of the Earth;
mars Maanvir One who is brave and courageous in mind and heart; Fearless Mind
mars Maanwith One who has a brave heart
mars Maanyasri A variant of name Maanya which means the respected one; Honorable and Respected person
mars Maanyata An alert, attentive person
mars Maaran Brave; Courageous; Powerful and Mighty Knight; Name given to temple musicians of Travancore
mars Maarav West
mars Maaravi West
venus Maaret unknown
mars Maari Indian name that means Rain
venus Maaria Rebellious woman
venus Maariah A sea of bitternes and sorrow
venus Maarib End goals
mars Maarij A strong fiery blaze
venus Maarika Rebellious woman
mars Maarimuthu One who prospers
mars Maarisami Rain that brings prosper
venus Maarit Pearl
venus Maarja Estonian form of Maria. It means sea of bitterness.
mars Maarku Rendered to Mars, warlike
mars Maarouf A person who behaves in a good manner
mars Maartand Indian name meaning Sun
mars Maartanda The Sun; Name of one of king of Travancore
mars Maarten Don't Deceive
venus Maartje Rendered to Mars
mars Maaruf An act of kindness
venus Maarva lady; mistress of the house
mars Maasilan A pure person with no blemishes
mars Maaskelah A capable and organized leader
venus Maasma An innocent and honorable person
venus Maassama A woman who is pure hearted and generous
venus Maat Truth, Law
mars Maatang A coud roamnig the skies
mars Maatanga Indian name meaning Elephant
venus Maau Poet
mars Maavalan Prosperous; Rich; Wealthy; Well to do; Happy
mars Maavarasan One who is a Great King
mars Maawiya A man as sly as a fox
venus Maayan Fresh as a spring of water
mars Maaz One who is seeks or gives shelter
mars Maazin A refuge, shelter
venus Mab Intoxicating
mars Mabah One who deserves to be trusted
mars Mabarak An encouraging, auspicious individual
mars Mabayoje Yoruba term meaning do not destroy joy.
mars Mabbe English surname meaning loveable
venus Mabel Lovable
venus Mabella Old French - Lovely; To Love; My Beautiful One; A variant of Mabel
venus Mabelle lovable
venus Mabil A lovely one
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