Names starting with the letter M

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter M, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a M. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Mabila A noble, honorable one
venus Mabile The lovable one
mars Mabili The Inspired Ones
venus Mabilia Adorable, lovable one
venus Mabilie Amiable, adorable person
venus Mabill Star of the sea; beloved one
venus Mabilla Amable one
venus Mabillae A girl who is easy to love and admire
venus Mabillia The one who is loved and admired
mars Mabishan Inteligent and hardworking
venus Mable Meaning 'to love' or 'lovely', derived from the Spanish name Mabel.
venus Mabley A sweet, amiable person
venus Mabli Lovable
venus Mably Delightful, loved one
mars Mabon Divine Son
mars Mabood A worshipped and adored man
venus Mabota Infinite, endless
venus Mabrey One who brings joy and happiness
venus Mabrooka A blessed, prosperous girl
mars Mabrouk The blessed one
venus Mabrouka A lucky girl
mars Mabruk The one who is blessed
venus Mabruka One who has been blessed
venus Mabrura A pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah.
venus Mabry A divine and blessed one
mars Mabud Worshipped and adored one
mars Mabyle One who is holy or blessed
venus Mabyn Divine Son
mars Mac Son
venus Maca A person who is happy and cultured
mars Macadam Son of Adam
venus Macadrian Combination Of Mac And Adrian
venus Macaela who is like God?
mars Macaire The one who is graciously blessed
venus Macaley Who is like God?
mars Macalister The son of Alasdair
venus-mars Macall Son Of The Battle Chief
venus Macallan A son of a handsome man
mars Macallister Son of the defender of mankind
venus Macara One who brings joy and happiness
venus Macarena Blessed
venus Macaria blessed
mars Macario Happy
venus Macarisa blessed
mars Macarny The name given to the son of Artan
venus Macarria blessed
mars Macarthur Arthur's son
mars Macaulay Son Of The Battle Chief
mars Macauley Derived from Scottish Gaelic origin, the name means 'Son of Olaf' or 'an ancestral relic' and is a fairly unusual name.
venus Macawi Female Coyote
venus Macayla Form of MICHAEL - who is like God
venus Macayle Who Is Like God?
mars Macbeth Son Of Life
mars Macbey Son of life
mars Macca Common nickname in English speaking countries for someone whose surname begins with Mac or Mc meaning son of
mars Maccabee Hammer
mars Maccabi used to refer to one of the Maccabees
venus Maccaria blessed
venus-mars Maccaulay Relic Of The Gods
mars Maccha A variant of Macha; Hebrew - One who raises (brings up); Irish - Plain
mars Maccus Celtic - Hammer; Latin - Great; A variant of name Magnus
mars Maccvtreni One who has strong inner strength and is expressive
mars Macdonald Son of Donald
mars Macdowell Son of the dark stranger
mars Mace Gift Of God
mars Macedonia Adoration or burning
venus Macee weapon
venus Macella She who is warlike
mars Macen Worker in Stone
mars Maceo Gift Of God
mars Macerio A blessed soul.
venus Macey Weapon
mars Macgregor A son of a shepard
venus Macha Aurora
venus Machalie Who is like God?
venus Machara Plain
venus Machele She who comes from the plains
venus Machell Variation of Michelle which means Which is like God
venus Machelle who is like God?
mars Machi ten thousand
venus Machiko Fortunate One
venus Machla Affliction
venus Machupa One who likes to drink.
mars Machutus A name of a saint
venus Maci Weapon
venus Macia Form of Mary
venus Macias The Messiah
venus Macie Weapon
mars Maciej Of Hebrew origin meaning 'gift of God' this name is used predominantly in Polish.
mars Macintosh A son of the thane
mars Macinzie Son of Coinneach
mars Mack The greatest
mars Mackan The son of
mars Mackay A son of fire
venus Mackayla Form of MICHAEL - who is like God
mars Mackean Son of a wealthy man
venus Mackee A fair, favored one
venus Mackena Happy one
venus Mackenna son of the handsome one
venus Mackensi Son of Coinneach
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