Names starting with the letter J

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter J, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a J. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus J'Adore I adore
mars Ja Magnetic
venus Jaabili Full Moon; Bright, Luminant and Radiant Full Moon
mars Jaabir Comforter
mars Jaafar small stream
mars Jaagup Estonian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.
mars Jaah Dignity or grandeur.
mars Jaak One who holds the heel
mars Jaakko Following after
mars Jaako Supplanter
mars Jaakob He is a supplanter
venus Jaala A little goat who is ascending
mars Jaali Powerful
mars Jaalib One who has a motive, a cause for acting
mars Jaan God is Gracious
venus Jaana A sea of bitterness
venus Jaanaan Pretty
mars Jaanakeedaas Janaki's servant
mars Jaanakeeraman Janaki's husband
venus Jaanavee River Ganga
venus Jaane A gracious gift of God
mars Jaanesh Lord of Men; Lord of the living in Sanskrit; A spelling variant of Janesh
mars Jaani He is a gift of God
mars Jaap One who is a supplanter
mars Jaareh One who wounds and cuts
venus Jaasritha A name of the goddess Lakshimi
mars Jaaved One who is eternal
mars Jaay One who rejoices
venus Jaba Hibiscus
venus Jabaala A woman
mars Jabaar One who has great power and might
mars Jabal The one who glides away
mars Jabalah Mountain
mars Jabali A man who is strong as a rock
mars Jabar One who is mighty powerful
venus Jabarah One who wears a bracelet
mars Jabare A man known for his bravery
mars Jabari brave
mars Jabarjang Brave in the Battlefield; Courageous and Mighty Warrior in War
mars Jabarri Fearless
venus Jabb A slim, thin, sleder lady
mars Jabbar Powerful
mars Jabber One who babbles, who talks a lot
venus Jabeen A name of the Ganga river
mars Jabel Flowing stream
mars Jaber One who comforts others
mars Jabez Sorrowful
mars Jabhar A variant of Jabbar which means Giant; Almighty
mars Jabier A bright man
mars Jabilo Medicine Man
mars Jabin One who is understanding
mars Jabir Comforter
venus Jabirah One who consols others
mars Jabiri A man who has no fear
venus Jabmen A woman with a big forhead
mars Jabori One who brings comfort to people
mars Jabr Consolation, Aid
mars Jabraan A penalty for your deeds
mars Jabran A reward or a penalty
venus Jabrayah To love and respect someone
venus-mars Jabre All Powerful
mars Jabri Allah's archangel
mars Jabril One who fings strenght in God
mars Jabrion One who has a bow made of yew wood
mars Jabroot Magnificent or majestic.
mars Jabulani Be Happy
mars Jac God is gracious
venus Jacala One who likes truth and filled with youth and charm
venus Jacalin Follower
venus Jacalyn he who supplants
venus Jacalynn he who supplants
mars Jacan One who brings trouble
venus Jacaranda A flower
venus Jacarra The Dear One
mars Jaccob Supplanter
mars Jace Nickname
venus Jacee A flower type, a hyacinth flower
mars Jacek Like a hycianth flower
venus Jacelyn One who will be protected by God
venus Jacelynn Yahweh may portect her
mars Jacen He is a healer
venus Jacenda Hyacinth flower
venus Jacenta Beautiful
venus Jacey From The Initials J.C.
mars Jachai Supplanter
mars Jachike Give praise to God or Hail God.
mars Jachim One who was established by God
mars Jachin One who establishes things
venus Jaci One who heals people
venus Jacie She who heals people
venus Jacinda Hyacinth
mars Jacint A Boy who like s the hyacinth flower
venus Jacinta Hyacinth
venus Jacinth Hyacinth Flower
venus Jacintha hyacinth
venus Jacinthe hyacinth
mars Jacinto Hyacinth flower
mars Jack Diminutive Form Of John Or Jackson
venus Jackalin he who supplants
venus Jackalinne he who supplants
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