Names starting with the letter J

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter J, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a J. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Jacke A man who believes that the God is gracious
venus Jackee he who supplants
venus Jackeline Follower
venus Jackelyn he who supplants
venus Jacketta he who supplants
venus Jackette he who supplants
venus Jacki Her protector is God
venus Jackie Supplanter
mars Jackin Man
venus Jackleen May God be her protector
venus Jacklin he who supplants
venus Jacklyn Supplanter
venus Jacklynn A girl who believes God is her protector
venus Jacklynne he who supplants
mars Jackob Variation of Jacob which means Supplanter
venus Jackobina he who supplants
venus-mars Jackopa Six
venus Jackquelin May God protect her
venus Jackqueline he who supplants
mars Jacksen Son of the man who thinks the God is gracius
mars Jackson Son Of Jack/John
venus-mars Jacky Supplanter
venus Jaclin he who supplants
venus Jaclyn Supplanter
mars Jaco Following after
mars Jacob Supplanter
venus Jacoba Feminine Form Of Jacob
mars Jacobe Supplanter
venus-mars Jacobean From The Reign Of James I Of England
venus Jacobella Feminine form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.
venus Jacobetta he who supplants
venus Jacobette he who supplants
mars Jacobi Hebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; A variant of name Jacob
venus Jacobien As Jacob
venus Jacobina he who supplants
venus Jacobine he who supplants
mars Jacobo Following after
mars Jacobson A son of one who is protected by God
mars Jacobus Following after
mars Jacoby Supplanter
venus Jacobyna he who supplants
mars Jacolen He who is a holder of the heel
venus Jacolyn he who supplants
venus Jacomina Following after
mars Jacop Supplanter
mars Jacopo Hebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; A variant of name Jacob
mars Jacorian Modern English names combining elements of the names Jacob and Cory
mars Jacory Created Name
venus Jacqi he who supplants
venus Jacqlyn he who supplants
venus Jacqualine he who supplants
venus Jacqualyn he who supplants
venus-mars Jacquard Type of fabric
venus-mars Jacque Abbreviation of Jacqueline and the feminine of Jacques. Means 'Supplanter' and is sometimes spelt Jacqui, Jacki, Jacky or Jacquae.
venus Jacquel he who supplants
venus Jacquelean he who supplants
venus Jacqueleen he who supplants
venus Jacquelin he who supplants
venus Jacquelina he who supplants
venus Jacqueline one who supplants
venus Jacquella he who supplants
venus Jacquelle Supplanter
venus Jacquelyn Supplanter
venus Jacquelyne he who supplants
venus Jacquelynn he who supplants
venus Jacquelynne he who supplants
venus Jacquenetta he who supplants
venus Jacquenette he who supplants
mars Jacques Supplanter
venus Jacquetta Supplanter
venus Jacquette he who supplants
mars Jacquez Supplanter
venus Jacqui Form of JACQUELINE. one who supplants
venus Jacquie A woman who supplants
venus Jacquilyn She who takes the place of another
venus Jacquine he who supplants
venus Jacquita Form of Jacqueline
venus Jacquline A girl who takes other's place
venus Jacqulyn A young woman who takes the place of another
mars Jacquotte Unknown
mars Jacub Variation of Jacob which means Supplanter
venus Jaculine he who supplants
mars Jacut Bretons form of Jacob, meaning supplanter
venus Jacy the moon
venus Jacyn A variant of name Jacin; Trouble
venus Jacynda A rejuvenaited woman
venus Jacynth hyacinth
venus Jacyntha Hyacinth flower
venus Jacynthe She is pretty as a hycinth flower
mars Jad He was a present from God
venus Jada Jade Stone
mars Jadabendra A name of Lord Krishna and Indra
venus Jadagrace A combination of the names "Jada" which means beautiful green stone and "Grace" means good will.
mars Jadallah A prosperity of God
venus Jadalyn A combination of name Jada and Lyn and it means a beautiful little spirit
mars Jadan Green stone, thankful
venus Jadda Green stone
mars Jaddua Known
venus-mars Jade Green Gemstone
venus Jadeana precious stone
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