Names starting with the letter H

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter H, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a H. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Hadden child of the heather-filled valley
venus Haddie Home Ruler
mars Haddin Hay valley
venus Haddison This is a variation of Harriet, from the nickname Haddasha which means Myrtle Tree
mars Haddix This is a variation of Harriet, from the nickname Haddasha which means Myrtle Tree
mars Haddon Hay valley
mars Haddow One who came from Haddo; It is of medieval Scottish origin, a location name from Aberdeen
venus Haddy Modest
venus Haddyr Taken from the name of the plant having very small leaves
venus Hadee well-behaved, modest
venus Hadeel sound of a pigeon
mars Hadees Speech or dialogue of the almighty.
mars Hadelinde Sweet/Gentle Battle
mars Haden Hay valley
mars Hadeon Destroyer
mars Hades Sightless
venus Hadewisa Roger of Mortimer's wife
mars Hadheer Present; Attending; A variant of Hadhir
mars Hadhir Present; Attending; A variant of Hadheer
mars Hadi Leader, Guide
venus Hadia Leader, Guide
mars Hadib Devoted; Kind; Compassionate
mars Hadid Iron, sharp, speedy, strong, quick, pointed
mars Hadidah Sword; Weapon; A variant spelling is Hadida
venus Hadil sound of a pigeon
venus Hadiqa Garden, Flower garden, Garden with roses
mars Hadir Beautiful, stunning, striking, the sound of thunder
mars Hadis History,belief, tradition, custom
venus Hadiya Gift
venus Hadiyah Arabic - Gift from Allah; Blessing of God; Offered by Allah
venus Hadiyyah Gift, reward, souvenir, donation, prize
venus Hadjar flight
venus-mars Hadlea Heather field
venus Hadlee Field of heather (A purple-flowered Eurasian heath)
venus-mars Hadleigh Heather field
venus-mars Hadley From Hadda's Field
venus Hadlie Heather field
venus-mars Hadly Heather field
mars Hado Hay valley
mars Hadon Hay valley
mars Hadrami Nobel man, The name of the some prominent men
venus Hadria Town In Northern Italy
mars Hadrian Person From Hadria
venus Hadriana from Hadria
venus Hadriane from Hadria
venus Hadrianna from Hadria
mars Hadrien from Hadria
venus Hadrienne from Hadria
venus Hadu A vigorous battle maiden.
mars Hadun Hay valley
venus Haduraq beauty, splendor, glory
mars Hadus New; Fresh; Young
venus Hadvig contention and strife
venus Hadwig Conflict
mars Hadwin Strong friend
mars Hadwinn Friend in war, an alternative to the spelling of Hadwin
mars Hadwyn Companion during the war, Friend during wartime
mars Hadwyne Buddy in warfare, companion in war time
venus Hadya leader, guide
venus Hadyn Derived from the surname meaning 'heathen'.
venus Hae O girl who is like an ocean
venus Haeata Dawn in the Maori language.
venus Haeatatanga Light beam
mars Haeccel Energetic, compassionate, cautious
mars Haecci Idealistic, highly imaginative, intuitive
mars Haeccin A person who have a deep inner desire
venus Haeda A woman who regrets a lot
mars Haedda An ancient Saxon name; Germanic tribes name, meaning unknown
venus Haedde A deserving, low-born woman
venus Haeddi One who deserves something
mars Haefen Safety, shelter, well being
mars Haefer A dude who looks cool but turns into an arrogant person before your eyes
mars Haeferic One who owns the river meadow
mars Haegel A surname that meanis to have a heart and a mind
venus Haele Lives in the hall
venus Haelee Valley in the mountains ; From Glen; A variant of Hailey
venus Haeley hay meadow
venus Haelie hay meadow
venus Haely hay meadow
venus Haemah Crazy in love, extreme in love, Mad in love
mars Haemgils woody hill, forsted hill
venus Haemgisl a Girl or woman from your own neighbourhood
venus Haep A happy woman
mars Haerviu A man who is battle worthy or carnage worthy
venus Haesel A kind of a nut
mars Haestingas tribes of Anglo-Saxon Britain, Violent, aggressive, fierce
mars Haethbeorht deep inner desire to lead, organize, supervise
mars Haethowine Companion in war or in hard time
venus Haf Summer
venus Hafa mild rain, moderate rain,
mars Hafawat Friendly; Welcoming; Caring
mars Hafeez Guardian
venus Hafeeza Guardian, protector, Amulet
mars Hafez Responsible caretaker, Guardian, Keeper, Preserver
venus Haffafa glittering, sparkling, shining, slim
mars Hafi Greetings, good wishes, compliments
mars Hafid Wise
mars Hafidh The men who remember the Quran by haert,male custodian of the Quran
mars Hafiez A variation of Hafiz name, it means protector
mars Hafil Diligent; Industrious; Determined; Hardworking
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