Names starting with the letter S

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter S, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a S. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Sabaean From Saba
venus Sabah Morning
venus Sabahat A beautiful, handsome man
mars Sabal With strength
mars Sabala One who is powerful
mars Saban A soap maker
venus Sabana She who is from the open plain
mars Sabaque One that surpasses or excells
venus Sabar To speed up a process
mars Sabastain Venerable
mars Sabastein One who is revered
mars Sabastian Sabastian is a variant spelling of the greek name, Sebastian meaning 'respected'.
mars Sabastiano Venerable
mars Sabastin Venerable
mars Sabastion Venerable
mars Sabaston Venerable
mars Sabat One who is born on Saturday
mars Sabatin Venerable
mars Sabawoon A Pashtun term for dawn or morning
venus Sabaya A morning light
venus Sabbah Arabic name of morning
mars Sabbastiun Venerable
venus Sabburah A girl with a patient and enduring personality.
mars Sabeeh A beautiful and radiant person
venus Sabeeha A beautiful forenoon
venus Sabeehah An afternoon of beauty
venus Sabeen Of Another Faith
venus Sabeena She who is beautiful
mars Sabeer A patient person
venus Sabeera A tolerant, patient girl
venus Sabeeya An Arabic name for girls
venus Sabeeyah A little girl, baby girl
mars Sabeh He who is pretty, handsome
mars Sabehrt A self assured and inspirational person
venus Sabel A black, sleek person
venus Sabela God is perfection
venus Sabelia Name of an ancient tribe in Italy.
venus Sabelina A sleek one
venus Sabeline A black one
venus Sabella Consecrated To God
venus Sabelle Unknown
mars Sabelo Italian name meaning I vow to God
mars Sabeorht A British Boy name
venus Sabeqwa Arabic girl name
mars Saber Sword
mars Sabern One who is good with a sword
mars Sabert A swordman
mars Sabestian Venerable
mars Sabghta Color given by Allah, true faith,
venus Sabha She who is graceful
mars Sabhajit Honoured
mars Sabhya Civilized
venus Sabi A young girl
venus Sabia A catlike woman
mars Sabian Dyer, Baptist.
venus Sabiba A sabine
mars Sabien One from a triba Sabine
mars Sabih One whose face emanates light
venus Sabiha Of Muslim origin, meaning 'beautiful'.
venus Sabihah A beautiful one
venus Sabilla prophetess, oracle
mars Sabin Sabine Man
venus Sabina Sabine Woman
venus Sabine Sabine Woman
venus Sabinna Sabine
mars Sabino A Sabine person; sober and intellectual
venus Sabiny Of the Sabine tribe (Italy)
mars Sabiq One who races others and competes with them in doing good deeds
venus Sabiqa God-Fearing and Devoted to God
venus Sabiqah A Sindhi term for past.
mars Sabir Name of Muslim origin meaning 'patient' and 'tolerant'.
venus Sabira The patient one
venus Sabirah One who is of great patience
mars Sabit Firmly in place, or unshakeable.
venus Sabita A beautiful sunshine
venus Sabitha The one who shines beautifuly
mars Sabiti Born On Sunday
venus Sabitri One who is related to sun; a beautiful person
venus Sabiya One of the morning
venus-mars Sable Black
venus Sabohi A drink in the morning
mars Sabooh A radiant one
venus Sabooha She who shines bright
mars Saboor A patient person
venus Sabooree One who is full of contentment
venus Sabqat A supreme one
venus Sabra Cactus Fruit
venus Sabrah cactus
venus Sabreen One who is beneficial
venus Sabreena One who is beneficial
venus Sabrena River Severn
venus Sabrette cactus
venus-mars Sabri Patient
venus Sabria One from Cyprus
venus-mars Sabriel Combination Of S And Gabriel
venus Sabrina From The River Severn
venus Sabrine A legendary princess
venus Sabriya She who is patient and kind
venus Sabriyah One who is resting
venus Sabriyya Patient
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