Names starting with the letter F

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter F, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a F. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Fadri Peace Ruler
venus Fadwa Self-sacrifice
mars Fady He is a great savior of men
venus Fae Fairy
venus Faedra Bright
mars Faeem A man who reached fame
venus Faeema She who reached fame
venus Faeezah A woman who is a leader of people
venus Faega Favourite
mars Faegan A joyful person
venus Faeiqa A superb and excellent woman
venus Faela One who is beautiful like a daybreak
venus Faele One who is like dawn
venus Faeleen like a cat
venus Faelynn W woman who is like a beutiful fairy
mars Faeq One who has the ability to surpass anyone, Excellent.
mars Faer A man who loves to travel
venus Faerie She who is like a little fairy
venus Faerrleah She looks likea a fairy
mars Faerwald A person who is mighty travelor
mars Fafner Name of a dragon in Norse mythology.
venus Fagan Little fiery one
venus Faghira She who smells like a JAsnime flower
mars Faghyar Intelligent; Like a Scholar; Wise
mars Fahad Lynx
venus Fahada A woman who is like a panter
mars Faham A deeply perceptive and astute woman
venus Fahamitha A perceptive young woman
venus Fahari Splendor
mars Fahd Panther
venus Fahdah A girl who is gorgeous like a leopard
mars Faheel A man of great intelligence and knowledge
mars Faheem Intelligent
venus Faheema Intelligent
venus Faheemah A girl with a very keen eye for details
venus Faheena A keen and smart one
mars Fahham A very intelligent and knowledgable person
venus Fahhama Wise
mars Fahid A person who does something good for those who are not there
mars Fahim Scholar, learned man
venus Fahima Quick-witted
venus Fahimah She who knows a lot and is a very smart person
mars Fahis A man who likes to test things and to investigate
venus Fahm One who posesses a great intellect
venus Fahmara A girl with a great intellect
mars Fahmat one who is full of understanding
mars Fahmeda A woman who is smart
mars Fahmeeb One who understands
venus Fahmeeda A woman who is wise
mars Fahmi understanding
venus Fahmib One who is intelligent and wise
venus Fahmida Intelligent, wise
venus Fahmidah Judicious
mars Fahmin Man with responsibilities
mars Fahreezan One who is wise
venus Fahreta Fame, greatness, brilliance.
mars Fahri Honorary
mars Fahrni A variant of Farni, a topographic name for someone living in an area with ferns.
mars Fahrudin Pride of faith
venus Fahumu Intelligence
mars Fahyim Clever
mars Fai Beginning
mars Faibel A brilliant man
mars Faid One who has an advantage
venus Faida Gain
venus Faidah One who is profitable
mars Faidh A favorable one
venus Faidra A happy and funny woman
venus Faiga Outstanding
venus Faige Bird
venus Faigel Judaism name meaning bird
venus Faih A trust or belief
mars Faik One who is moraly superior
venus Faika African Swahili - Superior; Better
mars Fail A performing man
venus Faimina A lady
mars Fain He who is joyful
venus Faina Shining
venus Fainan Girl with beautiful hair
venus Fainche One who is free
venus Faine One who has a good nature
mars Faiq One who is superior
venus Faiqa Outstanding, superior
venus Faiqah A successful woman.
venus Fairamay A fair maiden
mars Fairbanks Living near a lovely bank
mars Faireh The bringer of happiness.
mars Fairfax Fair Haired
mars Fairlay A meadow of bulls
venus-mars Fairlee From a yellow meadow
venus-mars Fairleigh One who is from the ram meadow
mars Fairley One who is from the yellow meadow
mars Fairlie One who is from the bull's pasture
mars Fairlight A light that is shining bright
venus-mars Fairly From The Clearing Overgrown With Ferns
mars Fairman A good looking man
venus Fairooza A precious gem
venus Fairouz A white rose
venus Fairoz A victor
venus Fairoza A turquoise stone
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