Names starting with the letter P

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter P, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a P. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Pahkakino Good Man
venus Pahmagandhi One who smells like Lotus flower
mars Pahuac One Who Flies
venus-mars Pahukumaa Edge Of A Sunflower
venus Pahul Initiatory Rite of Sikhism; Baptism ceremony; Something that brightens, accelerates or sharpens
venus Pahwa One who can understand society and life
mars Paidi Nobleman
venus Paige young servant
venus Paighton Of Old English origin meaning 'peacock town', this name is a variant form of Peyton.
venus Paikea One who tames whales; very social person
mars Paiman Promise or covenant
mars Painda A wise and intelligent man.
mars Paine countryman, rustic villager, peasant
mars Painter One Who Paints
venus Paislee Scottish - Patterned fabric; From Paisley; Scottish; Man of the church; A variant of name Paisley
venus Paisleigh Variation of Paisley it means Church or Cemetery
venus-mars Paisley Church
mars Paitalyi Son Of The Sun
venus-mars Paithoon Cat's eye
venus Paiton One who is villager or a warrior
mars Paitoon A beautiful gemstone found in Thailand.
venus Paityn English - Warriors Town; A variation of Paiton
venus Paiva River Name
venus Paivi A wonderful day; beautiful begining
mars Pajas A vital and versatile individual; resourceful
venus Paka A name given to a cat; intelligent; quick minded
mars Pakala A knowledgeable and intelligent individual
mars Pakasansa One who is the God of Cow; pleasant
venus Pakeeza A pure and affectionate individual
venus Pakeezah Pure
mars Pakeran One who is like moon and star
venus Pakhi Bird
venus Pakhsini A gentle and female bird
venus Pakhya It means side; the phases of moon
venus Paki Witness
venus Pakima Means a Dove which is a symbol of peace
venus Pakiza A pure and serene individual
venus Pakpao Flying a kite
mars Paks Peace
mars Paksh Time of Lunar phase of the month; fortnight
mars Paksha The phases of the moon
venus Pakshalika On the right path
venus Pakshi A sweet singing bird
venus Pakshika Every fouthnight; insightful person
mars Pakshin Winged; Bird;
mars Pakshiraj Garuda
venus Paksima One with an innocent face.
mars Pakskiraj One who is the epit
venus Pakuna Deer Jumping Downhill
mars Pal Tiny, petite
venus Pala Like a guardian; water; near upland meadow
mars Palacios Palaces
venus Paladia wisdom
mars Paladin Military leader, champion
venus Palak Eyelid; Someone who protects like how eyelids protects our eyes
mars Palaka They are the guardian angels who look out
venus Palakh Eyelid
mars Palaksh White
venus Palaksi White; Bright; Pure; Luminant
mars Palamides A deep, sensitive and bright individuals
mars Palang A bed; one who is compassionate
mars Palani Free Man
mars Palaniappan A name of Lord Murugan; loves his devotees
mars Palanichamy A name of a God; they are individualistic
mars Palanikumar The loving and pleasing Lord Murugan
mars Palanimurugan Name of the mighty Lord Murugan
mars Palanimuthu Another name of Lord murugan
mars Palanisami A name of Lord muruan; compassionate
mars Palanivel Creative and quick thinker; Lord Murugan
venus Palanka Determined individual; a couch
venus Palapala Latin - Foreign Women; Hawaiian variant of Barbara.
venus Palasa A tree, also called the "flame of the forest"; A Flower Name
mars Palash A tree
venus Palasha of the sea
mars Palashkusum The beautiful flower of Palash
mars Palashranjan One who is as beautiful as Palash
mars Palbinder Moments spent with Lord; One who spends time in meditation and thinking about God
mars Palden A glorious, serious and small being
venus Palesa Flower
venus-mars Paley From The Pale Field
mars Pali bird
mars Palika One who is small or tiny
venus Palila Bird
mars Palin Protecting
mars Palita Guarded; Protected; One who is protected
mars Palkesh A joyous and wonderful human being
mars Palkha Soldier
venus Palki One who has merit and is a hard worker
mars Pall A person who has a bitter nature
venus Palla A ball; a habitational name; a straw
mars Pallab New leaf
mars Pallabha Name of a renowned saint
venus Palladia wisdom
venus-mars Pallas Youth
mars Pallaton Fighter
mars Pallav A budding leaf
mars Pallava Sprout
mars Pallavan One who is born with a protecting nature
venus Pallavi New Leaves
venus Pallavini Bud; Creeper in full bloom; New Leaves
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