Names starting with the letter Q

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter Q, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a Q. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Qasiba She who plays the flute
mars Qasid Messenger
venus Qasida One who carries the message
mars Qasidulhaq Courier of the Truth
mars Qasif Discover
mars Qasim One Who Shares, Divides
venus Qasima A distributor, a divider
mars Qasit Just
venus Qasoomah Poetess
mars Qatadah Tree
mars Qatawah A companion
mars Qateel The one who can sacrifice anything for the welfare of the almighty.
mars Qati'i A student
mars Qatn Power of Allah
venus Qaval Darling, delightful to the eye
mars Qawi One who is strong, powerful, and firm.
mars Qawiyy Strong, powerful
mars Qawmin Two People
venus Qayanath Muslim name meaning universal
mars Qayim Boy's name meaning upright, true
venus Qaylah Companion
venus Qaymayriyah Student
mars Qays Firm
mars Qayshaun God is merciful
mars Qayyam Allah
mars Qayyim Precious
mars Qayyum Servant of the Sustainer of Existence
mars Qazafi One who Lives in Vast Forest
mars Qazee A judge, justicer
mars Qazi Judge
mars Qazir Instant, something done instantly
mars Qazzafi Wide, spacious, extensive.
mars Qeehael The Biblical Cain Is The English Language Equivalent
mars Qeshaun God is merciful
venus Qeta Ruler of household
venus Qeturah incense, scent
venus Qi Fine Jade
venus Qiana Singers
mars Qiang Qiang is a Chinese baby name meaning 'strong' or rose'.
mars Qiao Pretty, Handsome
mars Qidam Power of Allah; A variant spelling is Quidam meaning someone who cannot be named
mars Qihael Biblical Cain is the English language equivalent, means possessed
venus-mars Qimat Valuable
venus Qindeel Muslim name for girls meaning light
venus Qing Aqua Colored
venus-mars Qing Yuan Deep Water, Clear Spring
venus Qinyang Sunshine of my heart
mars Qira Orate
venus Qiraat Recitation of the Quran.
venus Qirat A beautiful recitation
venus Qisma Fate
venus Qismah Destiny, Fate
mars Qismat Fate
mars Qita An original person who is creative and original
venus Qitarah Having a nice fragrance
venus Qiturah incense, scent
venus Qiu Season of fall
mars Qiwam One who gives support
mars Qiwamuddin Support of the religion
venus Qiyyama Stand for Allah
venus Qoqa dove
venus Qortni Alternate Spelling Of Courtney
mars Qssim One who divides
mars Qtatdah Power of Allah
mars Qu Interesting, delightful person
mars Quaashie Sunday
mars Quade Descendent Of Uad
mars Quadeer A powerful and capable person
venus Quadeisha Combination of Qadira and Aisha
mars Quadir One who is strong
venus Quadriyyah A strong woman
venus Quahah Coral
mars Quaid A powerful ruler
mars Quaigon A literary name meaning a life force; a spirit
venus-mars Quail Small pheasant
mars Qualetaga Angel
mars Quamar Moon
mars Quan The Chinese name Quan means 'compassionate'.
venus Quana Aromatic
venus Quanah Aromatic
venus Quanda Slender Young Tree
mars Quanera Unknown
venus Quanesha Combination of Qua and Nisha
mars Quang Clear
venus Quanika Belonging to God
venus Quanita Created Name
venus Quanna Fragrant
venus Quannah One who smells sweet
venus-mars Quant Rogue
mars Quantavius Combination of Quan and Octavius
mars Quantay Unclear
mars Quantran Son of Lord Sun; Name of Lord Sun's Child
mars Quantum From the Latin quantus meaning how much
mars Quarbaan A martyr
mars Quarbani One who makes the sacrifice
mars Quarry Stone quarry
venus Quartilla The fourth
venus Quartney domain of Curtius
mars Quarto Fourth
venus Quasar Meteorite
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