Names starting with the letter T

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter T, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a T. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Tahkeem Power to govern or to rule
venus Tahki Completely, without anything left
venus Tahlia Morning Dew
venus Tahliah Morning dew
venus Tahlor tailor; to cut
mars Tahmaseb Name of character in Shahnameh
mars Tahmeed Praise, glorify and thank allah
mars Tahmid Praise
venus Tahmina Rustam's wife in a famous poem; Strong woman
venus Tahmineh Female character in shanameh epic, a mother of sohrab
mars Tahmoh A name of Tanana origin of unknown meaning
mars Tahmores Sturdy Fox Weasel
venus Tahna Abbreviation of tatiana which is feminine in a roman family clan name Tatius
venus Tahnee Branch of a tree
mars Tahoe Big water
mars Tahoma One who is different with a cute personality
mars Tahoor The one who purifies.
venus Tahra Planet where we leave, the Earth
mars Tahseen Beautification, one who is praised
venus Tahsha birthday
mars Tahsin Adornment
mars Tahu Spotless, absolutely clean or pure
venus Tahura Honest, principled person
mars Tahurer One who plays the drum
mars Tahvo Man with crown
venus Tahzib Receiving or giving systematic instruction at a school or university
venus-mars Tai Person From Thailand
mars Tai Yang Sun
venus Taia Light
mars Taial Nature
venus Taiat Came back to life
mars Taib Very Good Person; Virtuous; Pious; God Fearing and Devoted to God; Repentant; Penitent
venus Taiba Woman who loves to repent to allah for all the sins
mars Taichi Thick, Big, One
mars Taide Derived from ancient greek, thais. A famous greek hetaera who lived during the time of Alexander the Great
mars Taidgh To honour God
mars Taidhgin Someone who studies ideas about knowledge, truth and meaning of life
venus Taieb A pleasant, sweet smell. A perfume
venus Taiel A woman who is wealthy and affluent.
venus-mars Taifa Nation, Tribe, Princedom
mars Taifurrahman Vision of the merciful allah
mars Taig Someone who puts their emotions into a poem
mars Taiga Big and well-mannered person
mars Taige Child of the sun
mars Taighan Good looking man or a poet
venus Taigi New Woman Returns
mars Taigue One who likes to seek theories
venus Taija crown
mars Taijo Large Tree
mars Taika A spell, charm, set of words to invoke magical effect
mars Taiki Large, Great, Radience, Shine
mars Tailayag No sail
venus Tailer A form of taylor
mars Taillefer One who carves or cuts iron
venus Tailor tailor; to cut
venus Tailynn Combination Of Tai And Lynn
venus Taima Thunder Crash
venus Taimah peal of thunder
mars Taimallah One who serves for allah
venus Taimani Diamonds
venus Taimi Young tree with a slender trunk
mars Taimoor The King of the Kings; Self Respecting; Having Self Restraint; Self Made
mars Taimoorkhan He who is the king and the ruler
mars Taimullah Servant of god
mars Taimur Iron
venus Taina Unclear
mars Taine Light god
venus Taini Returning Moon
venus Tainn New moon
mars Taio The name Taio is a spelling variaiton of Tao and it means 'peach', 'long life' or 'large waves
mars Taiomah Bear Whose Voice Makes The Rocks Tremble
venus Taipa Wingspan
venus-mars Taisce Treasure
mars Taish Moderation
venus Taisha alive and well; crown
venus Taisie T
mars Taisir Felicitation
venus Taisiya Egyptian Goddess Name
venus Taissa Came from the deer forest
mars Tait Cheerful
venus Taitasi No sea
venus-mars Taite Cheerful
venus Taiten Plays a small drum
venus Taitlynn Light of our life
venus-mars Taitt cheerful
venus Taiunaya Absorbed in or identical.
mars Taivan Foreigner, one who stays in someone else's country or land
mars Taiwo The first of the twin to see the world
venus Taiya Meaning 'taylor' and an alternative spelling to the name Tayah.
mars Taiyan A simple and sweet Boy
mars Taizeen Encouragement
mars Taj Crown
venus Taja Short Form Of Anastasia
venus Tajagna Exceptionally clever and talented
venus Tajah crown
mars Tajaldin Crown of the faith
mars Tajamal Adornment, magnificence or decoration.
mars Tajammal Possessor of great beauty
mars Tajammul Something used to beautify something
mars Tajammulhusain An ornament of hussain
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