Names starting with the letter T

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter T, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a T. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Tacy Fruitful
venus Tacye silence
mars Tad Praise
mars Tada heart
mars Tadaaki Loyally bright
mars Tadahiro Faithful, Ocean, Broad
mars Tadanori Faithful, Law, Beginning
mars Tadashi Correct or accurate
mars Tadd Courageous
venus Tadda heart
mars Taddeo Italian of thaddeus; A gift of God
venus Taddie heart
mars Tadeas Gift given by God
mars Tadeen The one who informs.
mars Tadej Slovene form of, meaning heart.
venus Tadeja Gift from God
mars Tadelesh Lucky
mars Taden Newly coined
mars Tadenikawo Person under the protection of the crown.
mars Tadeo Praise
mars Tadeu Given by God.
mars Tadeusz Praised and desired gift of God
venus Tadewi Wind Woman
mars Tadg Philosopher; someone who is engaged in philosophy especially as an academic discipline
mars Tadgh A poet; Honored by God
mars Tadhg Poet, Philosopher
venus Tadi wind
venus Tadita Runner
mars Tadiwanashe Unknown
mars Tadj He who is with the crown
mars Tadria Unknown
mars Tadtaotao One who has no people
mars Tadzio Form of Taddeus
mars Tae One who is a great person
venus Taebba One who is pure and chaste
venus Taedra A gift received from God
mars Tael Delicate leaf
venus Taelor A form of taylor
mars Taemon One with good morals; Well behaved person
mars Taeppa A person who is very tall and slim
venus Taesa A woman reaper
venus Taesha Joy
venus Taeta Derivative of taite which means cheerful
mars Taetel One who has the power to control
mars Taetum Form of traedum; Tata's homestead
mars Taetwa A quick witted individual who thinks fast
mars Taevas Sky
mars Tafadhdhal An obligation or commitment to someone
mars Tafadzwa In shona it means we are pleased
mars Tafari He Who Inspires Awe
venus Tafariah She Who Inspires Awe
mars Tafaye He who is not wise
mars Tafazal Old age, an aged man.
mars Tafazzul Courteousness; Having courtly manner
mars Tafazzulhusain Favor of husain
venus Taffeta Crispy Silk Fabric
mars Taffryn He who comes from a very tall hill
venus Taffy Diminutive Form Of Dafydd
mars Tafheem To help someone understand something
venus Tafotila The daffodil flower
mars Taft River
mars Tafzul Restoration of friendly relations
venus Tag Son of a priest
mars Taga Chop
mars Tagara A merchant
mars Tage One who gives things
mars Taggart Son Of The Priest
mars Taggert A prelate's son
venus Taghrid Chirping
venus Taguhi Wife of a king
mars Taha a chapter of the Koran
venus Tahajeeb Way of life of a group of people
mars Tahan Merciful
venus Tahani Greetings
mars Tahbeer Make things beautiful to the eye
mars Tahbert Shining brilliantly
mars Taheem One who is pure at heart
mars Taheer Not spoiled or made impure
venus Taheera Simple or restrained person
mars Taher Morally uncontaminated, an innocent one
venus Tahera Free of any contamination, clean person
venus Taherah Morally pure and decent, not sinful
venus Tahereh Free from all sins, pure one
venus Taheria Showing high moral standard
venus Tahesha Pleasure someone feels
mars Tahfeez To praise or to describe
venus Tahi Sea water.
mars Tahib Observing someone or something closely
venus-mars Tahigwa At Peace
mars Tahir Virtuous
venus Tahira Pure
venus Tahirah Pure
venus Tahirih Morally good or excellent
venus Tahiya Security
venus Tahiyah Polite word, sign of welcoming someone
venus Tahiyat Giving sign of recognition
venus Tahiyya To support or comfort someone
venus Tahiyyah Gesture as a greeting or acknowledgement to someone's arrival or departure
mars Tahj One who is crowned
venus Tahjeira Person who is naived, innocent or inexperienced
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