Names starting with the letter L

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter L, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a L. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Ladainian One who is from Denmark and follower of Christ
venus Ladan Witness
mars Ladarius Combination Of La And Darius
mars Ladbroc Labroc means He Lives on the Path that is beside the brook
mars Ladd Attendant
venus Ladda Ladda means Maiden. Young Girl, Goddes of Love
mars Ladde The name means He who Attends
mars Laddey The name means Manservant
mars Laddie Attendant
mars Laddy The name means small Boy, a lad
venus Ladeca The name means a Mainden
venus Ladee Created Name
mars Laden Laden means The one who Witnessed
venus Ladessa The Journey
venus Ladey bread kneader
venus Ladhi Music
venus Ladina The name means Domination and Glory
mars Ladinas The name means Warrior Chief
mars Ladislas Ladislas means The Good Ruler
mars Ladislaus The name means The Glorius Ruler
mars Ladislav Ladislav means The Ruler who found Glory
venus Ladislava She who rules with glory.
venus Ladli Loved
mars Lado Short form of Vladimir, meaning great or famous ruler
mars Ladon Name of a River God
venus Ladona Lady
venus LaDonna Lady
venus Ladonya Lady or woman
mars Ladu King; Ruler; Emperor; Leader; Chief
venus Lady bread kneader
mars Laec A person who lives in the proximity of the Water
mars Laeeq Someone who is eligible and posesses a lot of skills
mars Laefertun A man who comes from the Rush Farm
venus Laekyn Cheerfull and Happy Woman
venus Lael Of God
venus Laela Night
venus Laelia A name of the special Flower type that resambles an Orchid
venus Laeppa Old English word meaning A thorn's end, the pointy end of the thorn
mars Laertes Father of Odysseus
venus Laesta She who is here, she who is present in the moment
venus Laeta Merry
venus Laeticha Happiness
venus Laetichah Happiness
venus Laetichya Happiness
venus Laeticia Happiness
venus Laeticiah Happiness
venus Laeticya Happiness
venus Laeticyah Happiness
venus Laetisha Happiness
venus Laetissma Happiness
venus Laetita Happiness
venus Laetitah Happiness
venus Laetitia Happiness
venus Laetizia Happiness
venus Laetizya Happiness
venus Laetychyah Happiness
venus Laetyciah Happiness
venus Laetyta Happiness
venus Lafa She who is Destined for Gratness, Faith
mars Lafayette From The Land Of The Beech Tree
venus Lafiza Lafiza means As Deep as a Sea
venus Lafonya One who is reaching to the great depth of earth
venus Lagan Appropriate Time; Correct Time; Auspicious moment or time for beginning something
venus Laghima Goddess Parvati
mars Laghu Lovely; Pure; Young; Faultless; Quick; Light; Bright; Brilliant
mars Laghun Laghun means Quick
venus Laghuvi Tender
venus Lagina Queen
venus Lagiua The name means near the Lake
venus Lagle Goose
venus Lagliua The name means By The Lake
mars Lagna Auspicious moment or time; One of many names of Lord Ganesh as 'In The Form Of Auspiciousness
mars Lagnat Air
mars Lagot Lagot means to Prepare
venus Laguia Laguia means Close to the Lake
mars Lahab Lahab means Flame
mars Lahahana Warmth provided by the sun
mars Laham Laham means Intuition,Wisdom
mars Lahan Lahan means Little Bright-Headed One
venus Lahana Lahana means Bright Headed
mars Lahar Wave
venus Lahari Wave
venus Laharika Laharika means Waves of the Ocean
venus Lahayla Unknown
mars Lahban Salt; An Indian Surname
venus Lahela Ewe
mars Lahi'ah The name means Narrator of Hadith
venus Lahifa Lahifa means To Help
mars Lahiri Wave; An Indian Surname
venus Lahoma The People
venus Lahvonne yew
mars Lai Lai means Future
venus Laia Fair of speech
venus Laiba This name is not frequently listed as a baby girl's name however it is of Hebrew origin meaning 'heart'.
venus Laibah Entertaining
mars Laibrook Laibrook means Lives by the Path by the Brook
venus Laidey noble kind
mars Laidley Laidley means From the Creek Meadow
mars Laidly The name means From the Creek
venus Laidy bread kneader
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