Names starting with the letter I

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter I, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a I. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus-mars Iden From The Marsh Land Pasture
mars Idenya Praise
venus Idette hardworking
venus Idha Worker
mars Idhant Luminous
mars Idhanta Shine
venus Idiana from India
venus Idika Earth
venus Idina from Edinburgh, Scotland
venus Iditri Complimentary
venus Idna Active, one who is active and agile.
mars Ido Work or labor
mars Idogbe The second child born after twins.
venus Idoia Pool, pond
venus Idola Vision
venus Idolena Idol
venus Idona hardworking
venus Idonah hardworking
venus Idone hardworking
venus Idonea To love again
venus Idonia Sufficient
venus Idonie hardworking
venus Idonna hardworking
venus Idony To love again
venus Idowu A daughter who is born after twins.
venus Idoya Pool, pond
venus Idra Fig Tree
mars Idrak To comprehend, or to understand.
mars Idrees Of muslim origin: a Prophet's name.
mars Idris Righteous
mars Idriya Duck
venus Iduia Civilization
venus Idun Rejuvenation
venus Iduna loving one
venus Idunn To renew nature or active in love.
venus Idunna loving one
mars Idwal Lord Of The Wall
venus Idys Worker
venus Ieasha alive and well
venus Ieashah alive and well
venus Ieashia alive and well
venus Ieashiah alive and well
venus Ieeda reward, present
venus Ieesha alive and well
venus Ieeshah alive and well
venus Ieeshia alive and well
venus Ieeshiah alive and well
mars Iehohapata The Lord judges
venus Ieisha Alive or she who lives.
venus Iekika One who can foresee
mars Ieni God is gracious and merciful
mars Iesa Name of a Muslim prophet.
venus Iesha Variant of AISHA. alternative spelling: Aisha.
venus Ieshah alive and well
venus Ieshia woman
mars Iestyn From Welsh origin a pet form of Justin.
mars Ietepere Chaste, or unmarried
mars Ietoro Pre-eminence
mars Ieuan Gift Of God
venus Ieva Life
mars Ievan A Welsh version of the name John meaning 'God is gracious'or 'God is merciful'. Alternative spellings: Eoin Evan
venus Ifama All Is Well
mars Ifan Gift Of God
venus Ife Lover Of Art And Culture
mars Ifeanyichukwu God is most powerful or no one is greater than God.
mars Ifechi The light of God.
venus Ifechiluru What God has done.
mars Ifechukwu The light of God.
mars Ifechukwude What God has written.
venus Ifedayo Love has turned to joy.
venus Ifede Love is here.
venus Ifedimma Something good
venus Ifedolaoluwa God has blessed our love.
mars Ifedolapo Wealth has been mixed with love.
venus Ifejesukristi The love of Jesus Christ.
venus Ifelayo Love is peace.
mars Ifelewa The beautiful love.
mars Ifemyolunna What I asked of the lord.
venus Ifeoluwadolapo God's love has brought us wealth.
venus Ifeoluwapo God's love is plenty.
venus Ifesowapo Love has joined us together.
venus Ifeta Innocent, virtuous
venus Ifetundun Love is sweet.
venus Ifeya Love, a lovable woman.
venus Ifeyinwa Nothing can be compared to a child.
venus Iffaa One who keeps her faith alive.
mars Iffaan Time, season or weather.
venus Iffah A pure and modest girl.
venus Ifigenia sacrifice
mars Ifor Unknown
venus Ifra Unknown
venus Ifunanya Love
venus Iga Derived from the Germanic name Iza meaning 'fame, warrior' and a pet form of Elizabeth.
mars Igaliko Abandoned hearth, fireplace
mars Igberaharha The poor take the blame
mars Ige Born By Breech
venus Igerne Name of Arthur's mother.
mars Iggi Only Son
mars Iggianguapaluk Dear sweet little throat
mars Iggiaq Throat
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