Names starting with the letter E

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter E, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a E. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Ealgmund Earnest, level headed and composed individual
venus Ealhburg A lonely, bright and wonderful being
mars Ealhdun One who belongs to the valley of the Elves
mars Ealhelm A high spirited, energetic person
mars Ealhhard A brave and kind individual
mars Ealhheard A helpful, honest and authentic being
mars Ealhhere One who is a temple army
venus Ealhhild One who has a lot of strength
mars Ealhhun They are friendly natured and have strength
mars Ealhmund One who is very good natured
mars Ealhred A hall or a big place
mars Ealhsige Attractive, loyal and humble person
mars Ealhstan They are stone hard and temple pure
venus Ealhswith One who is lucky and fertile
venus Ealhswuth They are a wish come true
venus Ealish Noble
mars Eallard One who is a brave person
venus Eallison The son of Alice
mars Ealric They are very brave, wise and happy
venus Eama One who comprises of the whole universe
mars Eambald A mature and bashful one
mars Eames One who is a prosperous protector
venus Eamhair Swift
venus Eamma Its derived from germanic name emen meaning universal.
mars Eamon Rich Protector
mars Eamonn Of Irish origin meaning 'wealthy protector. Eamonn is a variant spelling of Eamon, Amon, Aimon, Aymon, Eaman and Eamann.
mars Ean God Is Gracious
venus Eana An expressive and good-natured women.
mars Eanbald The one who is easygoing and accurate person
mars Eanbeorht A normal, reliable and high spirited person
venus Eanburg One who loves to share and care
venus Eanflaed A compassionate and passionate being
venus Eanflead A happy, straight and positive person
venus Eanfled One who is worthy to be proud of
venus Eanfrid A frank, lonesome and experienced being
mars Eanfrith A nonjudgemental and frank person
mars Eanhere A forgiving, alluring and passionate person
venus Eanid soul, life
mars Eanlac Analytical, forgiving and ethical person
mars Eanmaer An experienced, modest and accomodating being
mars Eann God is gracious
venus Eanna bird
mars Eanne God is gracious
mars Eanraig Ruler of the house
mars Eanred One with a great spiritual insight
mars Eansige A self assured, naive and well spoken person
venus Eanswida One who is very rigid and determined
venus Eanswith Energetic, noble and high spirited person
venus Eanswitha An amusing, forward and high honoured individual
venus Eanswyth A self maintained and happy individual
mars Eanulf An autentic human being
venus Eanwin An imaginative, warm and neat being
mars Eanwine A wholesome and insightful being
mars Eanwulf A happy and content person; genius
mars Ear The Scottish meaning of the name Ear is 'From the East'.
venus Eara Of Unknown Origin
mars Earcanwald One who has a mystic personality
mars Earcna It means friend of sea.
mars Earconbehrt A loving and caring individual
mars Earconbert One who has many qualities and personal insight
venus Earcongota One with broad visions and ideas
mars Earda Derived from the word erda which means European earth goddess.
venus Eardley A habitational name; clearing
mars Eardly One who is from a capable and efficient family
mars Eardnoth A direct, natty and artistic being
mars Eardwul A happy-go-lucky person.
mars Eardwulf An idealistic and inspirational person .
mars Earl Pledge, Nobleman
venus Earla princess
venus Earldena princess
venus Earldene princess
venus Earldina princess
venus Earle It means chief or nobleman.
venus Earleen Pledge, Noble
venus Earlena princess
venus Earlene Feminine Form Of Earl
venus Earletta princess
venus Earlette princess
mars Earley princess
venus-mars Earlie princess
venus Earlina princess
venus Earline princess
venus Early Before Due Time Or Date
mars Earn A serious minded individual
venus Earna It means universal
mars Earnest Diligent, Truthful
venus Earnestine Earnest
venus Earnestyna A serious and loving individual
mars Earnmund Achievers and high rankers
mars Earnwulf Ethical, wholesome and noble being
mars Earon From the River Town
mars Earpwald A well bred, philosophical person
venus Earric One who has a powerful mind
mars Earth Adaptation of the English word, meaning the planet or the soil
venus Eartha Of the earth
venus Earthelinda Ambitious, thrifty and honest being
venus Earvette green, fresh water
mars Earvin Sea friend
venus Earvina green, fresh water
mars Earwine The one who is white river; a friend of sea
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