Names starting with the letter Z

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter Z, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a Z. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Zaida Increasing, Surplus
mars Zaide Increasing, Surplus
mars Zaiden Increasing, Surplus
mars Zaidin Created Name
mars Zaigham Lion
venus Zaila Might, Power
venus Zailie solemn
mars Zaim Leader
venus Zaima Leader
mars Zain Handsome
mars Zain ul Abideen Adornment of the worshipers or one who is a source of pride for the Muslims.
venus Zaina Beautiful
venus Zainab A beautiful, fragrant plant
mars Zaine A variant spelling of Zane. The literal meaning of Zane is "gift form God". Zane is also taken from the Hebrew for "gracious" and "merciful".
venus Zaira Princess
venus Zairah Princess
mars Zaire River
mars Zait Olive
venus Zaitun Olive
venus Zaituna Olive tree
venus Zaiyaan Bright and graceful
venus-mars Zajac Rabbit
mars Zajzon Hungarian - Destin; A surname
mars Zak God remembers
mars Zaka Sagacity, honesty, or intelligence.
mars Zakaa Intelligence, Acumen, Purity, Honest; A variant spelling is Zaka
mars Zakai Pure
mars Zakar Handsome
mars Zakaria A variation of Zachary, from the Hebrew 'zachar' meaning 'remembered', a biblical name meaning 'God has remembered'.
mars Zakariah A variant of the English Zachary, of Hebrew origin meaning 'God has remembered'.
mars Zakariya Prophet
mars Zakariyya From Hebrew origin meaning 'remembrance of God', it is a pet form of the English Zachariah. Zakariyya is taken from the alternative spelling Zakariya.
mars Zakary A variant spelling of the Zachary, of Hebrew origin meaning 'God has remembered'.
mars Zakawat Intelligence, or sharp mindedness
venus Zakelina he who supplants
mars Zakhar Remembrance Of God
mars Zaki pure, chaste
venus Zakia bright, pure
venus Zakiah Clever
mars Zakir One who remembers
venus Zakira Remembrance
venus Zakiya Pure, Clear, Bright
venus Zakiyaa Pure
venus Zakiyah A variant spelling of Zakiya, a girl's name of Hebrew origin, meaning "pure".
venus Zakiyyah Pure
mars Zakk A variant spelling of Zach, derived from the biblical name Zachariah. The name means "Yahwed (god) has remembered", derived from the biblical name Zachariah.
venus Zaklina One who supplants
venus Zakuro Pomegranate
mars Zakwan Intuitive
mars Zakwani Thriving
venus Zakyla pure
mars Zal White or albino
venus Zala Shine and brightness
mars Zalaan Something that is shining, sparkling, radiant and outstanding
venus-mars Zale Of Unknown Meaning
venus Zaleekhah A variant of Zulaikha, meaning brilliant beauty.
mars Zali Hebrew - Born to Royalty; It is a variant form of Sarah which means Princess
mars Zalia solemn
venus Zalika Wondrously Beautiful
mars Zalmai Youthful or young
mars Zalman Peaceful
mars Zalor Unknown
venus Zaltana High Mountain
venus Zamaair Hearts, or consciences.
mars Zamar Singer
venus Zambak Lily
venus Zamda Name of a plant that grows in quick sand
mars Zamiel Form of Samuel
mars Zamil Friend
mars Zamir Song Bird
venus Zamira Lean, and fit
venus Zamora Person From Zamora, Spain
mars Zamrez Lion, brave
venus Zamrod A version of Jamrud. It's derived from the river of Jam flowing through a town near Peshawar.
venus Zamrud Malay word for emerald.
mars Zamuel God has heard
venus Zan Form Of John
venus Zana lily
mars Zanda man's defender
venus Zandeleigh Combination Of Zander And Leigh
mars Zander Defender Of The People
venus Zandie man's defender
venus-mars Zandophen Created Name
venus Zandra Diminutive Of The Name Alexandra
mars Zane God Is Gracious
venus Zaneerah An intelligent and wise woman.
venus Zaneta God Is Gracious
venus Zaniah Beautiful
mars Zaniel angel of Mondays
venus Zaniyah Forever, Always
venus Zankar Woman with a melodious voice.
venus Zankhana One who holds a deep desire in her heart.
venus Zankrut Auspicious
venus Zanna Lily
venus Zanndra man's defender
mars Zanne lily, rose
venus Zannie lily, rose
venus Zanta Golden
venus Zantha yellow, blonde
venus Zanthe Golden
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