Names starting with the letter W

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter W, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a W. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Wajid Finder
venus Wajida Loving
mars Wajidali Obessed
mars Wajih Distinguished
venus Wajiha Distinguished
venus Wajihah Eminent; Distinguished; Famous; Respected; Renowned
venus Wakaba Leaf
mars Wakako Young, Harmony, Beautiful
venus Wakana Haromony, Music, Complete
venus Wakanda Possesses Magical Powers
venus-mars Wakapa To Excel
mars Wakato Young
venus-mars Wakaun Serpent
mars Wakdar A man of high authority.
mars Wake Awake
venus-mars Wakechai Crouching Eagle
mars Wakeen God will establish
venus Wakeeta Flower
mars Wakefield The wet land.
venus Wakeisha Combination of Wa and Keisha
mars Wakely Wake's meadow
mars Wakichonze Leader
mars Wakiki Tree
mars Wakil Helpful
venus-mars Wakinyela Dove
venus Wakiuru One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.
venus Walberga strong protection
mars Walbert Secure
venus Walburga strong protection
mars Walcot One living in the Welshman's cottage.
mars Walcott Cottage or dwelling of a foreigner
mars Wald Leader, Power, Ruler
venus Walda Ruler
mars Waldemar Famous Ruler
mars Walden From The Valley Of The Britons
venus Waldena ruler
mars Walder Commander
venus Waldette ruler
venus Waldina God's Power
mars Waldo God's Power
mars Waldron Mighty Raven
mars Waleed Child
venus Waleeya Supporter, caretaker, companion.
venus Waleis One belonging from Wales.
mars Walenty Hale and healthy
venus Walentyna Strong and sound
venus Walercia Valiant
venus Waleria Healthy
mars Wali Protector
mars Walid Newborn
venus Walidah Young Girl, Daughter
mars Walif Befriending
venus Walita Duty
venus Waliyah Princess
mars Waliyudeen Faith
mars Waliyullah God
mars Walk Cloth washer, wall-marsh
mars Walker Fuller Of Cloth
mars Wallace Foreigner, Stranger
mars Wallach From Wales
venus Walladah Prolific
venus Wallburga strong protection
venus Wallda ruler
venus Waller Foreign person
venus Walless from Wales
venus-mars Wallie Commander
venus-mars Wallis from Wales
venus-mars Walliss from Wales
mars Walliyullah Supporter of God.
venus Wallker cloth-walker
mars Wally Diminutive Form Of Walter Or Wallace
venus-mars Wallys from Wales
mars Walmond One who protects others in battle
venus Walpurgis strong protection
mars Walraven Ruler or raven
mars Walsh Foreign, Celtic
mars Walt Army Ruler
venus Walta Shield
venus Walteena army ruler
mars Walter Army Ruler
venus Walterine army ruler
mars Walthard Power, Strong
mars Walther Army ruler
venus Waltina army ruler
mars Walton Walled town
venus Waltraud Ruler of strength
venus Waltraut Ruler of strength
venus Waltrina army ruler
venus Waltrud Ruler of strength
venus Waltrude Ruler of strength
mars Waltur Commander
mars Walty Commander
venus-mars Walvia Medicine Root
mars Walworth From The Homestead Of The Britons
mars Wamai The one who came from the water.
mars Waman Short
mars Wamblee Eagle
mars Wambleeska White Eagle
mars Wambua Born during the rain
venus Wambui The singer of songs.
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