Names starting with the letter I

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter I, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a I. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
venus Iladevi Earth
mars Iladhar Mountain
venus Ilaka Love
venus Ilamatecuhtli Name of Aztec fertility and death goddess.
mars Ilan Tree
venus Ilana Tree
venus Ilandere Moon Woman
venus Ilane tree
venus Ilania tree
venus Ilanis island
venus Ilanit tree
mars Ilanko Earth
venus Ilanys island
venus-mars Ilar Cheerful
mars Ilari cheerful, happy
venus Ilaria Cheerful
mars Ilario Cheerful
mars Ilarion cheerful, happy
mars Ilashpasti Lord
mars Ilaspada Earth
mars Ilaspati God of earth
mars Ilavarta Earth
mars Ilavila Earth
venus Ilayda Water Fairy
venus Ilda Fighting a war
mars Ildefonso One who is battle ready
venus Ildiko Battle / Saint
venus Ildo Fighting a war
venus Ildri Fire And Peace
venus Ilean Variation of Helen which means bright shining light
venus Ileana Light
venus Ileane Trojan
venus Ileanna tree; Trojan
venus Ileanne Trojan
venus Ileara A healthy child.
venus Ilectra brilliant
venus Ileesia Elysian fields
venus Ilei My God is Yahweh
venus Ilena light
venus Ilene Bird
venus Ilerioluwa The promise of God.
mars Iles Messenger of the God.
mars Ilesh Lord of earth
mars Ilesha Lord
venus-mars Ilham Inspiration
venus Ilhana Music
mars Ilhicamina He who shoots arrows at the sky
mars Ilhikamina He who shoots arrows at the sky. Also, the name of a great Mexica king.
venus Ili sun ray
mars Ilia Georgian form of Elijah, meaning my God is Yahweh
venus Iliana Bright
venus Ilianna tree
mars Ilias form of ELIJAH - Lord is my God
mars Ilija Croatian form of Elijah, meaning my God is Yahweh.
venus Ilima the flower of Oahu
mars Ilin Intelligent
venus Ilina My God is Yahweh
venus Ilinca Feminine form of Romanian Ilie, meaning the Lord is my God.
venus Ilisa God is my oath
venus Ilisapesi The blessed one.
mars Ilishm Spring
venus Ilissa Of Noble Kin
venus Ilit The best
venus Ilithya Goddess Of Women In Labor
venus Ilithyia The Readycomer
venus-mars Iliya The Lord Is My God
mars Ilja Yahweh is my God.
venus Ilka Light
venus-mars Ilkay First Moon
venus Ilke flattering, hardworking
mars Ilker First person
venus Ilknur First Light
venus Illa tree
venus Illeana Bright
venus Illeanna Trojan
mars Illes Yahweh is my God
venus Illia Trojan
venus Illiana Trojan
venus Illianna Trojan
mars Illias The Lord Is My God
venus-mars Illinois Superior Tribe
venus Illionya Trojan
venus Illissa rational
venus Illiyeen High status, or exalted.
venus Illona sun ray
venus Illsa God is my oath
mars Illtyd Abundance Of Land
mars Illugi Name of Aslak's son.
mars Illuminata Filled With Light, Illuminated
venus Illya My God is He
venus Illyssa noble, exalted
mars Ilm Knowledge
venus Ilma Will or desire
mars Ilmari Air
mars Ilmarinen Air
mars Ilo Light, Joyous, Sunshine
mars Ilom My Enemies Are Many
venus Ilona beautiful
venus Ilone sun ray
venus Ilonka oak tree; sun ray
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