Names starting with the letter D

Here you’ll find all the names beginning with the letter D, followed by the meaning of the name starting with a D. If the name is blue, it is a name normally given to a boy. If the name has a pink color, then it is usually given to a girl. A green name can be given to both boys and girls.

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  Name Meaning
mars Dael valley
mars Daelan Supernatural blacksmith
venus Daelyn Small valley
mars Daemean Damian, Damien, Damon, Damion, Dameon, Damen, Daemon, Damani, Demian, Daymon, Daymian, Daymien
mars Daemon A Guardian
mars Daemyn Constant, Loyal
venus Daena from Denmark
venus Daenerys Created Name
venus Daesgesage Eyes of day
venus Daesha From Dacia
mars Daeshim Greatest mind
mars Daeven Little Black One
mars Daevon A pool
venus Daevy Angel
mars Daewon Gracious God
mars Dafa An able person
mars Dafalla Prophet's Court
venus Daffi laurel tree
venus Daffie laurel tree
venus Daffodil Yellow Flower
venus Daffy laurel tree
mars Dafi One keeping away
venus Dafina High worthy individual
mars Dafiq An active and jubilant man
venus Dafiya Worthy daughter
venus Dafiyah A female narrator of Hadith.
venus Dafna laurel tree
venus Dafne laurel tree
venus Dafnee laurel tree
venus Dafneigh laurel tree
venus Dafni Laurel bush
venus Dafnie laurel tree
mars Dafydd Beloved
mars Dag Day
mars Daga Camel
mars Dagadu A Name of Rock
venus-mars Dagan Grain Of Corn
venus Daganyah Ceremonial grain
mars Dagar A term used for an open space or battlefield in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.
mars Dagbjart Daylight, bright day
mars Dagbjartur Daylight or bright day.
venus Dagbjort Daylight, or a bright day
venus Dagen The one who is dark-haired
mars Dagfinn Man from Finland, day
venus Daggi A maid
mars Daghan Good hearted person
mars Daghfal Name of the first Islamic geologist.
mars Daghishat Full of darkness
mars Dagi Estonian word for corn
venus Dagian Beautiful dawn
venus Dagman Hearty
venus Dagmani hearty
venus Dagmar Dear And Famous
venus Dagmara unknown
venus Dagna A splendid day
venus Dagne new day
venus Dagnija Day
venus Dagny New Day
mars Dagobert Day shiny
mars Dagoberto Day filled with glory
venus Dagomara A glorious day
venus-mars Dagon Be Cut Open
mars Dagonet Another name for Arthur's fool
venus Dagrun A secret lore
mars Dagur Day in Icelandic language.
mars Dagwood A shining forest
mars Daha Fire
venus Dahab Gold
venus Dahah One living in between
mars Dahak Destroyer; One who is brave and courageous to destroy evil
venus Dahana Powerful rudra
mars Dahatr Strong; Powerful; Mighty; Courageous
mars Dahbal Name of Wahb Ibn
mars Dahhak Laughter; giggling
mars Dahi Quick one
venus Dahiana Flower
venus Dahl Valley
venus Dahlea One living in the valley
venus Dahlia Flower Named For Botanist A. Dahl
venus Dahlina noble
venus Dahma A scholar
mars Dahman Pious People; Religious; Spiritual Person; Principled and Sacred in his thoughts
mars Dahn Proud ruler
venus Dahna lady
venus Dahnya lady
venus Dahra Compassion, tree
venus Dahrah Compassion, tree
mars Dahril From Airelle
mars Dai Great
mars Daiam Everlasting or permanent.
venus Daiana A goddess
venus Daiane One who is beautiful and smart
venus Daianira devastating, capable of great destruction
mars Daib The happy one
venus Daiba A persistent individual
mars Daibadin Creator of Religion
mars Daibai A Plum
venus Daicee from the south
mars Daichi Large, Great; Land, Earth;wisdom, Intellect
venus Daicy from the south
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